Flea Market Finds III

Yesterday I hopped in the car with two of my best friends for a road trip to the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. It's a super-sized flea market in a miniature sized town, with more than 100 acres of goodies.

I came home with some great little finds!

We started off the day in the west gate parking lot, which is my favorite place because it's right next to the outdoor booths.  I think the best deals are at the outdoor booths– it's like an awesome garage sale out there that keeps going and going. We hopped on a little wagon/shuttle bus pulled by a tractor driven by a sweet old man with a deep Southern drawl. SO Texas.

Here I am on the tractor shuttle with my partners in crime, Kelsey and Jen.

I set a budget of $100 for my flea market adventure. I figured I could get a lot of good things for that amount, and I ended up coming in under budget!

I'm an eager shopper– I actually bought something within my first 10 minutes of stepping into the market. I know, I'm ridiculous. But I fell in love with this copper tray and mug set right away. It's actually from the same vendor who sold us the turquoise bed last time. We did some negotiating and settled on $15 for the set.

I've always admired copper kitchen goods, but this is the first copper stuff I've owned. It's just so classic and pretty! I really like the unique texture on the tray.

I happened upon this bold, graphic quilt at a nearby booth. The vendor was asking for $60, and we settled at $40. It's in great condition and fits a queen size bed. Do you like the bold print? It's certainly got a bit of a Christmas vibe, but I think the green touches are small enough to keep it out year round. This will probably find a home in my guest room, but we'll see. It will be part of our Christmas decor first, and you know I can't wait to get the Christmas decor up!

The vendor was nice enough to hold up 1/4 of it so I could take a picture. 

I feel like it's a real conversation starter, which I love. I can't wait to place it at the end of our guest bed. Its loud print will really wake up the room!

Next up, some 4-inch gold mercury glass votive holders. I'm preparing for my next holiday tablescapes party at my church, and I'm planning to use these on the table. (You can see my winning tablescape entry from 2011 here!). I bought four of them for $12.

Jen bought a really cute shabby chic shelf for her living room, and Kelsey bought a handmade wooden star as a Christmas gift for a relative with a lot of Texas pride. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of their purchases! Oops. 

My last purchases were pretty random, but sometimes those are my very favorite. Kelsey spotted these Moroccan inspired arabesque tiles at a random booth with a bunch of power tools– she has an eagle eye, that one. 

The dealer had them marked as $20 for 35 pieces, and we ended up buying them for $15. That means we paid 42 cents per tile, which I thought was pretty good. They reminded me of the tiles in this kitchen designed by HGTV's Genevieve Gorder that I've always loved. 

When I got home, I layed them out in my driveway to see how far they would go. Looks like we are just missing one! I have no idea what I'm going to do with these, but they were so neat and exotic looking that I had to have them. Do you have any great ideas for me?!

The highlight of the day was walking by a woman with a small dog in her shopping cart, only to double take when I realized that it was actually a monkey! Not only a monkey, but a monkey wearing a diaper. You don't see that everyday! I wish I had taken a picture, but my phone was tucked away in my backpack and I couldn't pull it out in time. 

I ending up spending $86 of my $100 budget.

Quilt- $40
Copper tray and 4 copper mugs- $15
Mercury glass votives (4)- $12
Morrocan arabesque tiles (35 pieces)- $15
Sweet potato fries and small sweet tea (of course!)- $4

Here are some other iPhone pictures I snapped throughout the day:

So that wraps up my weekend shopping adventures! What about you– have you bought anything for your home lately? Found any great bargains? Do tell!

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