DIY: An Easier Diaper Cake Method

This weekend I made my third diaper cake (#1 & #2), and I thought I'd share my method with you because I think it's easier than most examples I've seen.

Here's the finished product.  I made it to match the baby's bedding– such a cute color scheme!

I didn't set out planning to make a diaper cake, but as I was decorating for the shower I stumbled upon a pack of leftover diapers from the last time I made one. My decor was lacking something, so I figured I would whip up a cute little diaper cake for the mom-to-be. 

Most diaper cake tutorials I've seen involve rolling up each diaper, securing with a rubber band and then using the little rolled diapers to form a cake shape– something like this.

I'm impatient, so rolling up each diaper is a little tedious to me. This is how I do it instead:

It's really simple. I start with one rolled up diaper, and secure it with a rubber band. Then I wrap the diapers around and around, without rolling them. The additional diapers are secured with one big rubber band around the outside. 

Piece of cake, right? 

I needed something to join the two layers together, so I just used one of the cute paper straws I bought for the party drinks. The straws also came in handy when I needed some festive cake-toppers. 

Once I had the layers finished, I simply wrapped ribbon around to cover the outside of the cake. I attached it using scotch tape. The cake toppers are just paper straws and scrapbook paper flowers. 

In between the layers I added a pacifier, pacifier clip and a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament from Hobby Lobby. I figure a December baby needs a Christmas ornament!

This diaper cake only took me about 30 minutes to make, which is a lot less time than I spent when I was rolling up each diaper individually. I'm all about saving time, so I like my lazy method. It holds up just as well as the other and uses less rubber bands, too. Saving time and saving supplies = double bonus! Should come in handy as it seems like many of my friends are having babies these days...

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the party decor!

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