Time to Recline.

We took the plunge.

We bought a recliner.

A leather recliner.

On Craigslist, no less.

Are you picturing a big, puffy black leather recliner that was collecting dust in some bachelor pad? Or is your mental image more like a shiny teal La-Z-Boy from your 1980s basement?

I promise, it's not that bad. In fact, I'm kind of in love with our $100 Craiglist purchase. 

What do you think?

I wish I had a leather jacket exactly like this chair! The buttery soft leather is just SO pretty. It's the kind that gets better with age.

And it's super comfortable, which is all that matters to the husband. He has already claimed this chair as his own. It seems like such a husband cliché to claim the recliner, don't you think?

Yep, the recliner part works.

And then if you're serious about napping, it really reclines! You're basically lying flat on your back in this position.

In case you're wondering, this chair replaces the huge, oversized chair we had in our living room. We inherited that chair from the previous home owner. It was doing the job just fine, but we didn't really like it. When my brother said he'd love to have that oversized chair in his new man cave, I took the opportunity to do some Craigslist hunting.

Bye bye, oversized chair.

It turns out there are some really BAD recliners out there. BAD! Type in "recliner" in the Craigslist search box– there is no telling what you'll find. I think I saw every color and style in the rainbow!  

Also, a note to all the Craigslist sellers out there: No one is going to give you $400 for that yucky, nubby, cat-scratched recliner with the 1980s neapolitan color scheme. If your cat tore up the entire back side, it is NOT in good condition!

I didn't want a recliner that looked like a traditional recliner. I wanted the non-recliner recliner, you know? One of the things I love about this one is that there isn't a lever on the side. You really can't tell it's a recliner at all! Scott loves that it stays reclined while he watches TV. As he said, "There's nothing worse that when you have to do use your back and stomach muscles just to keep your recliner from popping back up!"

This chair was selling for $300 with a coordinating leather sofa, so we offered $100 for just the chair. A quick Google search told me that was a pretty good price. A similar style sells for $700 at Grandin Road, while this one goes for $833 on Overstock.

So what do you think– good recliner or bad recliner?

* If you'll excuse me, I'll be napping in my new recliner. *

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