Thrift Store Sale: 75% Off!

I had just finished my Saturday Zumba class when I decided to take my sweaty self to the thrift store to go hunting for goodies. When I pulled up, I noticed they were having a sidewalk sale. Everything outside was 75% off!

I rolled up my sleeves and found three great treasures!

First up is my favorite, a $6 carved wooden mirror. It still had its World Market tag on the back– originally $100. NICE!!

See that chair in the reflection of the mirror? It ending up coming home with me! I love the lines of it and think it would look pretty fabulous if it were spray painted a bright, glossy color. I figured I couldn't go wrong since it was only $7. 

My last treasure was this curvy vintage mirror for $2.  Wouldn't this look awesome in a little girl's room or in a girly bathroom? I'm also picturing this one spray painted in a super fun color. 

So all in all, I spent $15 and walked out with three great items. I love it when the cheapest store around puts their stuff on further clearance! I almost felt like I was stealing, you know?

I already found a home for the carved wooden mirror, so I'll be back tomorrow to show you where that ended up. I love it!

Do you have any color suggestions for the chair and the curvy mirror? I don't have anything in mind right now so I'd love to hear what you would do!

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