Gift Idea: DIY Pinterest Recipe Book

I came up with this idea when I was making some wedding gifts for a few friends who got married recently. I painted up some DIY wooden kitchen utensils for each friend and wanted another thoughtful touch to go with each gift. 

They are both Pinterest users, so I came up with the idea to make them a recipe book with some of the recipes they pinned to their boards and some of my own favorite Pinterest recipes. The problem was that I couldn't really find a recipe book that was young/fun and structured in a useful way. The added complication was that I wanted something colorful to match the spoons I had painted, so my gift would have a colorful theme throughout. It was too hard to find! I ended up making my own recipe books using these some notebooks from Walmart and some matching tabs and post-it notes.

I divided the notebook into six sections: appetizers, dinners, dessert, breakfast, drinks and extras. 

Then I started personalizing the inside of each book. The first page had common weights and measurements and explained the point of the book (to add your favorite Pinterest recipes as you try them out and give them your seal of approval). Because let's face it, it's annoying trying to find your Pinterest recipes when you have hundreds of recipes on your "Yum" board like I do!

Each recipe page has the web address of the original recipe, the ingredients and the instructions. For the recipes that I've tried and approved, I added the words "Jordan Certified!"

These Pinterest recipe books were added to the little gift bundles, which included the spoons and another little something for each friend. This first gift set had the coolest set of measuring cups ever (perfect for the architect husband who married my friend)!

And the second gift set had a super cute striped apron from (where else?) Target. 

I had two more friends get engaged this weekend, so I guess I'll have to keep churning out wedding gifts. At least this is another gift idea for my arsenal!

While on the subject of gifts, isn't Pinterest the best thing that ever happened to gift-giving? You no longer have to know someone for years and spend hours shopping with them to understand their taste. You can just snoop on their Pinterest boards to see what they like. It's brilliant! I tell all my friends' husbands to just look up their wife's Pinterest accounts when they need a gift idea. I tell my own husband that! It's like an ongoing Christmas list for adults. It's amazingly helpful. Utilize it!

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