Yummy Halloween Treat

If you're heading to a Halloween party tomorrow, why not try these red velvet cake ball eyeballs?

I was inspired by this pin. What would we do without Pinterest, really? I used these Betty Crocker Easy Writers to draw the veins. 


I debated what cake flavor to use, but I decided on red velvet for its "bloody" factor. That sounds disgusting, but oh well. I'm hoping to win "Most Halloween-Spirited" dessert at our Halloween party at work!

And if you're a Pinteresting person, come follow me!

* Happy Halloween *

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$7 DIY Rope Mirror

Have you ever started a DIY project thinking, "This will be fun!" only to realize 20 minutes later that you've chosen a tedious project that will completely test your patience?

That was me on Saturday. "This will be fun!" quickly turned into, "Holy moly, this is going to take me forever. What was I thinking?"

I ended up with a mirror that I really love, and thank goodness because it took me about seven hours of work!

Here it is, my $7 DIY Rope Mirror!

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

Cost Breakdown: $2 for thrift store mirror  + $5 for hemp cord/rope

Ok, let's start at the beginning. I was inspired by these two Pinterest projects (#1 and #2) to spruce up this vintage mirror from the thrift store.

I checked a few hardware stores for different types of rope, but I thought its thickness might hide the great lines of the mirror. I ended up in the craft/jewelry section at WalMart, where I bought this roll of natural polished hemp. One of the reasons I liked it so much was because it had a nice weathered grey color that I'm totally attracted to, as opposed to some of the generic beige or white ropes colors I was finding at other stores.

So I plopped down on my living room floor with my hot glue gun, the mirror and two rolls of hemp. 

And then the gluing began. I'd put down about five inches of hot glue, then place the cord on top. Round and round the mirror it went. I wished I had a lazy susan so I could have rotated the mirror with ease, but I had to do it the hard way. (This mirror is incredibly heavy, and I have no idea why since the frame is just plastic. It feels like it has a lead backing or something. Ridiculous!)

Glue. Glue. Rotate. Glue. Glue. Rotate. Glue. 

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

I used about 80 yards of hemp cord and went around the mirror 25 times! Countless amounts of hot glue sticks were used to finish this project, and the glue string was everywhere. My neat freak husband was not pleased, but he tried his best to tolerate the mess. :)

My back was killing me. One can only sit Indian style on a hard floor for so long, you know? But I just kept on going– I was way too invested at this point. My mental pep talk: I've already spent three hours on this, and I'm not giving up now! 

Luckily I had an endless supply of college football to entertain me while I mindlessly applied hot glue. Halfway through, I had to bust out the Bandaids to take care of the blister on my hot glue gun trigger finger. Blister schmister, the DIY must go on!

Early afternoon turned to evening, and I moved the project to the couch. The Florida/Georgia game was over, so I moved on to watching Notre Dame/Oklahoma. My DIY assistants were less than impressed with my project.

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

When the entire frame was finally covered with rope, it was time to clean up the hot glue gun debris. That string was all over the place! The entire room had to be vacuumed, and the husband marveled about my ability to spread my craft project chaos through multiple rooms. I never cease to amaze him with my messiness. :)

I was really, really happy with the end result. I think the mirror looks really expensive, and it reminds me of something you would buy at Wisteria or Pottery Barn for hundreds of dollars. This treatment allowed me to keep the curvy lines of the mirror while adding a textural element that I love. I'm all about texture these days!

The finished mirror found a home by our back door, which is actually our main entrance since we park in the back of the house. I love how it reflects the light from the french doors and makes the space feel brighter!

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

Turns out it is really hard to take a photo of a mirror without seeing your reflection in the picture. You have to crouch down and shoot up at the mirror. At least that was my solution, but good photographers probably have a better trick. Oh well...

$7 DIY Rope Mirror by The Happy Homebodies

It did take me a really long time to finish this mirror, but there is something so gratifying about knowing that you made it yourself. I love that this mirror is completely one of a kind, and no one out there has the exact same thing. Mine, mine, MINE! Haha.

In case you're wondering about some of the other stuff you see by our back entrance, you can check out these past blog posts for more info!


I'm linking this project up to the Fall Pinterest Challenge! If you've got a Pinterest-inspired project to link up, you should join the party! 


* Blistered *

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Randoms & Happy Weekend

Hooray for Friday! Am I right?

I happen to work within a few minutes of a Crate & Barrel outlet, so I popped in on my lunch break to see if I could find anything good. I ended up walking out with this extremely comfortable and cozy pillow! I'm in love with the texture and the contrast of the chunky knit next to the warm leather of our new Craiglisted recliner.


It's time for my Pinterest recipe of the week! I tried this sweet potato/goat cheese/roasted grapes/honey masterpiece and quickly fell in love. Roasted grapes, where have you been all my life?! 


I love Saturday mornings, mostly because I get some extra sleep and always wake up to these precious faces. "Mom! Wake up! Time for breakfast!"


This snail costume is beyond cute and SO creative. If a child showed up on my doorstep in that outfit, I would definitely give them extra candy. 


Have you been looking for a life size horse made of driftwood? Our local HomeGoods has one for you for a cool $1,300. No big deal.


What are your plans for the weekend? We have a cold front coming through (finally!), so I can't wait to bust out my coat and boots for the football game tomorrow night. Hot cocoa and football are an excellent combination, don't you think?

* Have an awesome weekend! *

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Time to Recline.

We took the plunge.

We bought a recliner.

A leather recliner.

On Craigslist, no less.

Are you picturing a big, puffy black leather recliner that was collecting dust in some bachelor pad? Or is your mental image more like a shiny teal La-Z-Boy from your 1980s basement?

I promise, it's not that bad. In fact, I'm kind of in love with our $100 Craiglist purchase. 

What do you think?

I wish I had a leather jacket exactly like this chair! The buttery soft leather is just SO pretty. It's the kind that gets better with age.

And it's super comfortable, which is all that matters to the husband. He has already claimed this chair as his own. It seems like such a husband cliché to claim the recliner, don't you think?

Yep, the recliner part works.

And then if you're serious about napping, it really reclines! You're basically lying flat on your back in this position.

In case you're wondering, this chair replaces the huge, oversized chair we had in our living room. We inherited that chair from the previous home owner. It was doing the job just fine, but we didn't really like it. When my brother said he'd love to have that oversized chair in his new man cave, I took the opportunity to do some Craigslist hunting.

Bye bye, oversized chair.

It turns out there are some really BAD recliners out there. BAD! Type in "recliner" in the Craigslist search box– there is no telling what you'll find. I think I saw every color and style in the rainbow!  

Also, a note to all the Craigslist sellers out there: No one is going to give you $400 for that yucky, nubby, cat-scratched recliner with the 1980s neapolitan color scheme. If your cat tore up the entire back side, it is NOT in good condition!

I didn't want a recliner that looked like a traditional recliner. I wanted the non-recliner recliner, you know? One of the things I love about this one is that there isn't a lever on the side. You really can't tell it's a recliner at all! Scott loves that it stays reclined while he watches TV. As he said, "There's nothing worse that when you have to do use your back and stomach muscles just to keep your recliner from popping back up!"

This chair was selling for $300 with a coordinating leather sofa, so we offered $100 for just the chair. A quick Google search told me that was a pretty good price. A similar style sells for $700 at Grandin Road, while this one goes for $833 on Overstock.

So what do you think– good recliner or bad recliner?

* If you'll excuse me, I'll be napping in my new recliner. *

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Easy DIY: String Art without the String

I came up with this simple doodle after seeing some great string art on Pinterest. You can get a similar, two-dimensional look if you don't have nails or string!

Simple draw the outline of whatever shape you want (a letter, a heart, a star, a state outline) and add evenly spaced dots (like the nails of a traditional string art) in light pencil. Then you simply draw straight lines from one dot to another, filling in the center of each shape. When you're done, erase your pencil outline and you're good to go!

If you do have nails and string, you can be inspired by these great examples on Pinterest like I was!

 Who knew string could be so cool?

* Heartstrings *

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Inspiration: Painted Rattan Chairs

I've been thinking about color options for the thrift store chair I picked up last weekend. Here she is in all of her $7 glory!

I know some people would prefer to leave this chair in its natural state, but the arms have plenty or scratches and flaws that make me think it really needs a coat of glossy, colorful paint. Plus I think a great color will make the pattern really pop!

I found some great inspiration images on Pinterest, but I'm still undecided on what we should do.

{Apartment Therapy}
{Apartment Therapy}
{KFD Designs}
{House Beautiful}
 This one even has a similar pattern!


What do you think? Do you like any of those colors?

One of the challenges I'm facing is that I can't find that many options for a cushion. These are some that I'm considering:


{Crate & Barrel}
{World Market}
{Pier 1}

I'm leaning toward the simple white cushion so that I can paint the chair different colors and keep the same cushion. I think that would give me the greatest versatility and the ability to move this chair from one room to another. 

What do you think?

* Monday Funday *

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Randoms & Happy Weekend

Well, it's been a heavy week in our town. Two local senior boys passed away this week in separate incidents, and you can feel the weight on our small community. We didn't know either boy personally, but it's just so tragic when young people pass away. We've been praying for the family and friends of both boys, as well as our entire community. It's been very moving to watch them rally together to support one another during this trying time, and I feel grateful for the good work He does in tragic circumstances.Tonight's football game will be a very emotional time, as one of the boys was the team captain. We've all been hugging the ones we love a lot harder this week, thinking about how precious our time is and how much we have to be thankful for.


Onto a lighter topic, shall we?

Congrats to my sister in law on the birth of baby Kennadie! I painted a mural in her nursery back in July, and now she's finally here to appreciate it. (Since infants obviously appreciate pretty paintings, of course.)

Also, congrats to my brother and his wife on the purchase of their first home! They are so excited to get moved in and start decorating! I can't wait to see what they do with the place– it has lots of potential! Maybe I'll be able to help with some projects over there and share them on the blog...

Let's talk about food. Everybody likes food!

• We tried this stovetop method for cooking steak on Sunday, and it was very delicious. Highly recommend it!

• I've already tried the 2-ingredient cake using canned pumpkin (cake mix from a box + canned pumpkin), but last week I tried the same idea using greek yogurt. YUM! I absolutely cannot eat greek yogurt by itself (I always add honey or something), but you definitely can't taste the greek yogurt with the cake. We used a chocolate cake mix and added one cup of greek yogurt and one cup of water. It's thick enough to make cookies, too– almost like Oreo Cakesters in texture.


This proposal story is awesome.


The Nate Berkus home decor line is coming to Target this Sunday! Will you be one of the people who rushes out to get a peek at the line? I really like some of the pieces, so I may have to go check it out.

 Check out my latest iPhone lock screen. How cute is that? I just saved it to my phone's photo album from this pin. Pinterest is my favorite place to find artistic backgrounds for my phone! I like to choose inspiration quotes that are presented in a really cute way, like this one.


If I had children, I would totally dress them up in one of the DIY costumes Jordan Ferney has been featuring on her blog, Oh Happy Day. The cuteness and artsy appeal is totally out of control! Her blog is always one of my favorites for DIY party decor and general inventiveness!


What are your plans this weekend?

My parents are coming to town tonight, so I'll probably be out shopping with my mom (as is our usual custom). I definitely want to go see the amazing pumpkin display at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden.

* Happy Friday! *

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A Happy Home for My New $7 Mirror!

My thrifting adventure on Saturday ended up with a lovely $7 World Market mirror coming home in my trunk. Conveniently, it was also time to rearrange the dining room shelves because I had reworked them for the Kate Spade-inspired dinner party a few weeks ago. Fast forward thirty minutes and my new mirror had found a comfy spot on the top shelf!

In case you don't remember, this is how the shelves looked before we reworked them with party decorations:

I like this new look because I think it has good balance. I'm not a professional stylist or anything, but I like to "balance" my shelves with different textures and materials. A little sparkle on the top right, a little sparkle on the bottom left.

My brain arranges it kind of like this:

 Does that diagram make any sense at all? There are some very opposite textures here– capiz vs. china vs. wood vs. crystal. And yet, I think they all work together because they are sprinkled around throughout. I don't think I would like it as much if I put all my crystal on one shelf and all my wooden pieces on another shelf, etc. I think the balance happens when you alternate and try to achieve some sort of criss-crossing pattern like the picture above.

Of course that's just me, and you might like your shelves styled a different way. The best part about having display shelves is that you can change them all the time!

On a side note, does it make me look like an alcoholic to have a collection of pretty wine bottles on my shelf? I've been saving these moscato bottles for about a year now because I loved the shape and color. I moved them over here as part of the decor for Kelsey's party and decided to keep them because I really love the pop of color and the shimmery gold labels!

I also feel like the new wooden mirror helps tie the whole room together by uniting the rustic wooden chairs with the industrial shelving unit. The pops of wood in the mirror, chunky candle sticks (third shelf) and dining chairs all play nicely together, especially from the view when you walk in the front door.


When Denim Goes Terribly Wrong
I can't believe I forgot to post this picture yesterday! While at the thrift store on Saturday, I spotted a clearance sofa that immediately took me back to a certain infamous fashion moment.

Remember this?

Turns out this statement denim doesn't look any better on a sofa!

Oh, patchwork denim sofa... It looks like many bums have rested on your cushions. I do hope you find another loving home soon. Just remember, looks aren't everything!
So, what do you think of the thrifted mirror's new home? And I'm still looking for suggestions on colors for the thrifted chair and curvy mirror, so please weigh in!

* Tired Tuesday *

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