Your Opinions Needed: Dining Chairs!

I'm on the hunt for some dining room chairs. I'm just casually hunting and can be patient (although that is not my strong suit). We have this great new dining table that expands to seat 12 people, but we only have two legitimate dining chairs. The other side has an upholstered bench that isn't very comfortable if you sit at the table for a long time, since it doesn't have a backrest.

I'm really open on what style of chairs I would want... I just want them to be interesting and comfortable. Plus I don't want to spend a lot of money, which is exactly why I'm searching on Craigslist!

I thought I'd show you some of the options I've found and see what you guys think would look good in this room. Feedback needed!

These Baughmann-style mid century chairs are being sold by a local vintage shop and are in "impeccable condition," according to the listing. I think they are pretty awesome, but I don't know about the price– $675/4 chairs. I love how they would bring an eclectic and modern edge to our traditional dining table.

So once I realized I liked this chrome/leather/mid century style, I did some Craigslist hunting to see if there was something cheaper.

These were pretty intriguing– $75 for 4 chairs and a table! Vintage and unique. I'm not sold on that color though, and I'm sure they aren't real leather. Can't beat that price!

I thought these were pretty cool– $550/set including the table. Of course I don't need a table, but I do love the texture. Definitely an interesting set of chairs.

Then I decided to look for something more traditional. I liked these linen chairs with nail head detail from Weir's. They are asking $300 for four chairs which are "brand new."

I think these chairs are classic and gorgeous. They are asking $200/chair and they have five available.

These Safavieh dining chairs are being sold for $125/each, and they have eight of them. Very pretty.

I'm very intrigued by these chairs. They are pretty sleek and simple, but the price is great. They want $250 for six chairs and a table, so I would offer less for just the chairs. Maybe $30/chair? The small profile would probably work well in a small dining space like ours. 

Then again, there are some brand new chairs that I like. Take these World Market Provence chairs, for example. Love that weathered grey finish! They are on sale for $65/chair right now. 

I love the industrial look of these Overstock stacking chairs (White Tabouret Stacking Chairs, $199/4 chairs). They have great reviews and come in different colors– white, silver, red, black.

These Baxton Studio Fiorenza White Plastic Armchairs are pretty awesome. They're selling on Amazon for only $70/chair, which seems pretty reasonable... very affordable Eames knockoff. I'm tempted. 

Eames knockoff

WOW, my chair choices are all over the place! Can you tell I like an eclectic decorating style? That's why it is so hard to pick– I really like so many things and appreciate many different types of design. 

What do you think? Do you have any favorites? If you want, you can visit our Home Tour to see what the rest of the house looks like. We like comfortable, traditional, industrial, modern, rustic... So basically, we like everything. :)

* Chair-y on Top *

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  1. I've got the red Tabouret stacking chairs (from Overstock) and I love them, BUT you need cushions because they're a bit hard to sit on. I like that they have arms.

    1. Deb, any idea where I might find cushions to fit them if we did buy those? Need to factor that into the price! :)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of choices. My picks are the Safavieh dining chairs and the chairs you posted directly above for $200/each. I also like the World Market Provence chairs. Based on everything you typically post, I think these will blend well with you current decor.

  3. So many to choose from! I like the Safavieh and the chairs from Weirs best...but you know how traditional my style is :)

  4. Agree on the Safavieh chairs, they are timeless and would flow well with what you currently have. But you know me, I like the funkier ones too! The Baxton are very cool, would they fit under your table if you needed to push them in for space? And of course the top ones with the leather are pretty amazing, but they better be for that price!

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