Randoms & Happy Weekend

Is it Friday? Well then I guess it's time for more random thoughts!


I made these Buffalo Chicken Bites yesterday using Pillsbury crescent rolls. There was no way I was going to make my own dough like the original recipe! They were pretty tasty, but I felt so guilty eating them! I'm not really a buffalo wings person at all, but I still thought they were yummy. I think it's great "man food," which is precisely why I'm cooking enough for a small army for the post-game football party tomorrow night. Those hungry coaches will eat them up!

So remember the World Market Provence chairs we bought last week? Well, the husband started putting together the chairs when we realized we didn't have the hardware kit for the last two chairs. It came in a partially opened box, and I guess someone had removed the screws and dowels.

I was none too pleased because I didn't receive good customer service at my World Market store when I bought the chairs, and now part of the chairs was missing!  There was basically only one person working in the store, and they couldn't leave the cash register. It took twice as long to buy the chairs as it should have, and I was a bit peeved by the end of it. Add on the bratty teenagers who didn't help me carry the heavy boxes, and it just wasn't my best shopping experience.

When I realized there wasn't a kit and that I would have to drive 30 minutes back to the store, I was not a happy camper. I decided that when I did go to the store (which finally happened last night), I would speak with the manager about my bad experience. The manager was very nice and apologetic when I explained the situation, and she offered me a 30% discount on a future purchase. That future purchased happened about five minutes later when I purchased these simple linen cushions for the chairs. Hooray for discounts! I don't like having to complain about customer service, but I felt strongly about it in this instance and am glad I did it.

I know those pictures aren't great, so I'll try to take better ones this weekend when the sun is shining. I was a little worried about adding cushions (Natural Dasutti Chair Pad) and didn't want it to look too old fashioned, but I think these are interesting because they are ultra-tufted and have a low profile. 

Have you tried the two-ingredient cake? Basically you take a box of cake mix and add canned pumpkin instead of the eggs, oil and water. I tried it this week and was happy with the results. The texture was slightly different from a normal cake, but not in a bad way. I used the cake to make cake balls and was super pleased with how delicious those turned out! 



I loved this idea from Emily Henderson this week. She needed to fill a huge shelving unit in an artistic way, so she made an art installation using paint and mason jars. Such a creative display! I totally want to reinterpret this idea somewhere in my house. We shall see...

photo from www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Do you have fun plans this weekend? Of course I'll be supporting the husband at his game tonight, but tomorrow morning I'm hopping on a jet plane to Houston for a little volleyball reunion. I'm so excited to see some of my old teammates! Can you say *slumber party time*? I feel sorry for my friend's husband this weekend. He should probably evacuate the house before we get there!

* Happy Friday! *

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