Randoms & Happy Weekend

Yay for Friday!

We have a big weekend planned. The husband's football team has their second game of the season tonight (we're 1-0 so far!), and then we're taking a family road trip (my brother, my parents and me) to College Station, TX to watch our beloved Florida Gators take on the Texas A&M Aggies. Unfortunately the husband can't come with us because he has to work. Major bummer.


Anyway, I've been assigned to bring a dessert to the football game tonight. I totally forgot about it until 9 pm last night, so I had to do some late-night baking. I ended up with some Oreo cupcakes, and the chubby puppy wanted one so badly. Sorry, Rory. Dogs can't eat chocolate!

This is a milk chocolate cake from a box (the only way I bake!) with some Oreo chunks thrown into the batter. Then I used whipped cream icing and chocolate sprinkles, plus half an oreo, to decorate the tops. DELISH!


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My friend asked me to design some notecards for a mother/daughter breakfast she's hosting at church. She wanted something cute and colorful. I think I just may print one of these out for myself!


I laughed out loud when I saw this on Pinterest. I'm a total jerk/brat/child when I'm hungry. Scott is the same way, which means you should avoid us when we're having a "discussion" about where/when/what to eat!


One of the extra ways you can enter the giveaway is to follow me on Pinterest and Twitter.  I think you should do it anyway because Twitter and Pinterest are fun! :)

Have an AWESOME weekend.

* TGIF *

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