Pantry Progress & Kitchen Organization

You know what my husband said while I was organizing our pantry?

"Pinterest is changing our lives."

How hilarious is that?! He was so serious, too. He was watching me in amazement and probably wondering if I was the same girl he married two years ago. New and improved, dear husband– I'm new and improved!

I can't argue with him– Pinterest really is changing our lives. I mean, I'm organizing the pantry and cooking spaghetti squash and making my own stove top potpourri! Who does that? ME! (Now that Pinterest has shown me how awesome it looks/tastes/smells and explained how to do it.)

Two weeks ago I told you about the Pinterest images that were giving me kitchen pantry envy. I did the easiest thing I could do and converted some old Costco containers into custom kitchen storage, complete with homemade doodled labels. Not very polished, but f-r-e-e. I like free, don't you?

This weekend I added to the pantry organization with some new stuff from around the house and some Ikea storage products.

Side note: I have NO idea what I was thinking when I decided to go to Ikea on Saturday afternoon. Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman– "Big mistake. Big!" What. A. Madhouse. NEVER AGAIN!

Anyway, I bought some of these Forvar jars ($2.99/each) and some of these 365+ containers ($3.99/each) and prettied up the pantry a little more.

Then I used some other plastic bins we had around the house to corral the baking stuff, grilling tools and dog biscuits to sit on the bottom shelf. All labels are super high tech mailing labels with my own fabulous handwriting. Ha!

I was on a roll, so I wanted to tackle the disaster that is our tupperware cabinet. I wish I had taken a before photo, but I forgot. Just picture random pieces of tupperware strewn all over the bottom of this cabinet. Our prior system was to get the tupperware out of the dishwasher and toss it into this cabinet with no rhyme or reason. It was a mess!

I bought these plastic bins from Ikea (can't find them online) to act as compartments and help me organize that big mess. Now the tupperware is categorized by size and can be easily seen when you look in that cabinet.

Much, much better.

Just for kicks, I cleaned out the fridge. Bonus points!

So now we have a clean fridge, a tidy tupperware cabinet and a partially organized pantry. 

I say "partially" because the other half of the pantry looks like this:

I have plans to calm this colorful display with white plastic bins from Walmart. That's part of my agenda this weekend! 

Am I the only one who has been bitten by the organizing bug lately?

Forget spring cleaning– it's all about late summer/early fall cleaning! National Clean Out Your Garage Day is this weekend, and I have a great giveaway for you tomorrow to help you jump start your organization efforts. Make sure to check back tomorrow to enter to win!

* Almost Friday *

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