My Watercolor Botanical Prints for Autumn

So, the other day I was in this weird mood where I felt like painting something pretty. I hadn't been feeling artsy-fartsy in a long time, and out of nowhere I felt like I needed to draw or paint something right away.

When life gets busy (like right now) I tend to put away my art supplies, so I knew I needed to take advantage of this sudden artistic inspiration. When the mood strikes, GO!

I brought out the watercolors and started thinking about what to paint. I was glancing at the fall flowers I had in a vase nearby and thought,"Yes! I will paint some pretty fall leaves!"

Watercolors are the perfect medium for something like this because the beautiful colors on fall leaves just sort of meld into one another. I love that effect. It's just so gosh darn pretty!

So I ended up with four botanical prints in lovely fall colors, but I had no way to display them. I looked all over my house for frames, but we didn't have any extras in the right size. 

Of course I could have gone to buy frames, but who likes to spend extra money? Not me! The best part about painting my own pictures is that it is free, and buying frames would ruin the frugal fun. No bueno.

My solution? I taped them (very lightly, so I could remove it later) to four vintage books I had on my shelf. They happened to be in a complementary color scheme, so that worked out nicely. 

Then I set them on my picture ledge (from Ikea) in the dining room. I think they look pretty charming, and I love that they bring more seasonal spirit to the space for no extra cash!

So that's the story of how boredom turned into watercolor prints which turned into books on a shelf that weren't functioning as books on a shelf but as artwork frames on a shelf. Huh?!

* Watercolor Weirdness. That's all. *

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