Final Chair Choice!

Last night I bought some new dining chairs! Woohoo!

Two days ago, I presented you with a bunch of options I liked. They were all over the map, from vintage to modern to traditional and just plain funky. What can I say, my style is eclectic!

As I was looking at my options, I realized World Market was having a pretty awesome sale on dining chairs and tables– 50% off! That got my attention.

And so I hopped on the World Market website and picked out my top 5 favorite options:

First is the Linen Lydia Dining Chair, which is on sale for $130/chair.  It's almost the exact same as the Safavieh option I found on Craigslist, but these would be brand new and have tufting for extra detail.

And then there's the Kooba Side Chair, on sale for $65. I love the grey wash and thought the texture might be a nice touch for our dining room. 

Next option: Grey Tufted Chair, $100/each. Very classically beautiful and elegant. 

Here's another really pretty grey-washed chair, the Provence Dining Chair– $65/each. Nice price, nice classic look. 

 Last option: Cocoa Ella Side Chair, $160. Traditional shape, but somehow modern. I liked it.

Last night I headed down to my local World Market to give them the tush test. How do they feel on the tush? Are they comfortable? Sturdy?

So.... Which one did I choose?


This one!

The winner is the Provence Dining Chair!

It turns out they have two finishes, driftwood and pine. I picked the driftwood finish, the one on the left. You know I love me some driftwood!

In the end, I couldn't ignore the winning combo of low price + grey finish + comfortable seat. I snatched up four chairs for the dining room, and I can't wait to see them in action. Of course the husband has to put them together first, so we'll have to find a time to do that. I'm sure we'll get them set up this weekend, and I'll be sure to post pictures next week!

Thank you for your awesome input on the chairs. In the end, we just went with the more affordable option that I knew would be sturdy and versatile and classic.

Do you think we made a good choice?

* Chairity *

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