DIY Gold Leaf Bowl

So, it turns out I'm not very good at gold leafing.

It also turns out that spraying your gold leaf project with clear shellac will result in a clowdy, weird residue. Awesome. 

I was about to throw this bowl in the trash, but the husband said I should wait to see if the cloudy residue would go away when it was dry.

Sure enough, the shellac dried clear. Win!

He's so smart.

Look at how sparkly it looks as it reflects the light from the chandelier! And when filled with my favorite pears, you couldn't even see the fact that I'm completely awful at gold leafing. I think I'll actually keep it.

* I don't have any steps for this project– I simply followed the instructions on my gold leaf kit from Michael's. I sprayed it with shellac at the end to finish it off, which wasn't part of the instructions. I like how that turned out but I'm not sure others would advise it!

My gold leaf bowl turned out OK, but the technique was a little tedious for an impatient girl like me. I didn't really know what I was doing, and you can tell! Yet I like it enough to keep it, so it's all good.

Project like this remind me why it's smart to try a new technique on a $1 thrift store bowl instead of something valuable– because sometimes the project doesn't turn out as well as you planned. When you're fiddling with a cheap object that doesn't have any sentimental value, you don't end up crying into your gold leaf kit when you don't like how it's turning out!

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