$7 Wreath Tweak for Fall

I absolutely love the wreath on our front door. It's from Hobby Lobby, and we bought several of them for the doors of the church during our wedding. It's very simple, and the scale and color are perfect. I like to keep this wreath up year-round and tweak it for holidays (ie: put a simple red bow on it for Christmas).

Since it's officially fall, I picked up $7 of faux flowers from the Dollar Tree to inject some autumn colors into my existing wreath.

The first step was to remove all of the price tags and cut off the extra strands of grass. I was left with these small, individual stems that I could place in the wreath:

Then I stuck these into the wreath, trying my best to space them out evenly so it would look like it was part of the original wreath, not some extra add-in. I ended up with the same wreath I've always loved, now with a subtle touch of yellow and shades of deep purple.

For $7, we have revamped my favorite wreath to last until Christmas. I'm pretty happy with that!

What do you think? Are you decorating for fall yet?

PS. I got a funny text from the husband this weekend while I was in Houston: "One of your squashes is LEAKING!" I couldn't help giggling when I read that, especially since he hates squash. Gross... I mean, no one likes a leaky squash!

* Wishing it were still the weekend *

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