Randoms & Happy Weekend

Wow, this week went by quickly!

Funny story: We had reservations at a fancy restaurant in Dallas for our anniversary. It's a Wolfgang Puck restaurant at the top of the Reunion Tower, which is one of the famous buildings in the Dallas skyline. Inside this sparkly ball, actually:

Fun, right? We thought so too, and we've been waiting for a special occasion. Well, the restaurant called the husband at about 3 pm on our anniversary to say that for the first time ever, they had been forced to shut down the restaurant early that day. Building issues, apparently. What luck, right?! So much for that fancy dinner!

Oh well, it was a great week anyway. The high school football players came over on Wednesday night for a fun gathering before preseason begins, and we survived it. Our ceiling fan in the living room did not make it, however. An overly exuberant and very tall football player somehow broke the fan by jumping into it while playing Xbox Kinect. High school boyswhat are you gonna do?

I did some Craiglist hunting this week, and I ended up buying a dresser for our master bedroom. Here's a little sneak peek:

It looks really yellow in that picture, but it's not. It's really pretty. When I saw it on Craigslist, it reminded me of this beauty I've been eyeing at Wisteria. I can't afford that Wisteria one, plus this one is much bigger and has more storage. WIN! I'll show you the full picture next week once I get that part of the room looking pretty. Right now I'm too busy watching the gymnastics all-around to clean anything! :)

And then I went to the thrift store and I saw this little nightstand:

It's kind of similar to the Craigslist dresser, right? I was on the fence about this one, but my mom convinced me to buy it. (I always consult with her via iPhone photo when I'm unsure about a purchase.) She says she will gladly take it off my hands if we don't want it. 

What do you think– keep it or let it go? It's a nice piece with dovetailed drawers and cute lines. I'd say that with a new paint job, it would look really nice! The current finish isn't that bad at all, but it's too yellow for my taste.


I discovered a really neat vintage furniture resale shop in the Dallas area, Gypsy Soul Interiors. You can like them on Facebook here and see the inventory. They ship, for those of you who aren't local! I love the unique vintage finds they have posted online, and we're going to swing by the shop on Saturday. Can't wait!

Well that's all I've got for right now, folks. Football season is officially starting (as of today), so I'm about to be husband-less for a few months. This weekend is full of high school football kick-off events, so that's where we'll be. Do you have fun plans??

* Happy Weekend *

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