Mini Makeover: Thrift Store Bamboo Tray

I went treasure hunting at the thrift store this weekend, and I came home with this $1 bamboo tray.

Bamboo is a home decor trend right now, so I thought a $1 tray was a perfect way for me to test drive this trend without a jumping in all the way. Plus, I don't own any serving trays and figured this could be a functional item to have around the house.

Dear husband, 
My next breakfast in bed can be served on this lovely tray, ok? 
Love, your hungry wife 

A couple coats of Krylon Catalina Mist spray paint and a quick coat of Zinsser Shellac later, we have a pretty, unique tray on our coffee table. Right now we're using it to coral the remotes, which we can never seem to find.

Why did I choose this color for the tray? Well, I have been wanting to bring this light blue/green color into the seating area in the living room to connect this room with the dining room. We have touches of this color throughout the open concept living room/dining room/office, and it helps make the spaces feel cohesive.

It definitely coordinates with the painting above the mantel, which makes me happy.

Yep, I'm pleased with my $1 bamboo tray! Don't you love it when you can spray paint something and give it a new life?

Have you found anything great at the thrift store lately, or busted out your spray paint on something that needed a makeover? I'd love to hear about it!

* Bamboozled*

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