I Have Kitchen Pantry Envy.

Have you seen these amazing organized pantries on Pinterest?


She got all of those containers at a Canadian version of the Dollar Store. Can you believe it?!

House of Smiths
Better Homes & Gardens

These super organized kitchen pantries make me green with envy! I love the matching containers and charming labels, don't you?

Anyway, I took one baby step toward an organized pantry when I gave new life to some old Costco snack mix containers. I covered the existing labels with mailing labels and did some doodling. Voila, a poor man's pantry organization! I know it's not perfect or anything, but at least it was free.

We have a long way to go until we have a pantry that belongs in a magazine, but I do love using my recycled containers. I think the husband needs to start eating more pub mix so we can have more!

I'll be checking my local dollar stores for matching containers like that first picture (so jealous!), but until then we'll be making do with a regular pantry. My husband, who is definitely the "clean freak" one in this relationship (he sorts his golf balls by quality, people) has given me the go-ahead to upgrade the pantry if I find a good deal on storage bins. He thinks it would be awesome to have a super organized pantry like that, and I have to agree. Organization makes everyone feel great, even a disorganized person like me!

Does anyone know where I can find food storage containers for super cheap? Do tell!

Meanwhile, I thought I'd round up some great online sources for free printable labels that can be printed directly onto mailing labels. That way you can organize your pantry and go label-crazy!

The Social Home (labels like the first picture)
Square Pantry Labels
Rectangular Pantry Labels

Better Homes & Gardens 
labels of all shapes and sizes

Miss Cutiepie
Vintage Printable Labels– for any occasion
 (She has tons of downloadable labels– label jackpot! Woohoo!)

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