Flea Market Finds!

We made a spontaneous trip to Canton, Texas yesterday with some friends of ours who have a new house and need to fill it with fun stuff. Canton is a teeny tiny East Texas town that hosts First Monday Trade Days, which is a really big flea market that takes place during the first weekend of each month.

It goes on and on for as far as the eye can see, and it is a full-fledged treasure hunt! Naturally, I love going to Canton.

So, what did we buy?!

The husband spotted this 1950s GE fan and decided he'd like to restore it to its former glory. I loved the color and vintage appeal, so I gave him the thumbs up on this purchase– $15.


My mom told me to look for a full-sized bed for her guest room, and we ended up buying her this adorable turquoise french provincial-y bed for $50. Cute, right?

Also around this time I bought three big burlap coffee sacks (3/$5). Totally forgot to take a picture, but they are very cute! I'm thinking I'll use them for a Christmas tree skirt DIY project or possibly upholster an ottoman. We shall see...

Then we found these classic white ice skates for $10. I was so excited because I have been looking for some like this since last fall, and this price was the best I had seen. The best part is they are my size, so I guess I could take them to the Galleria Mall and whip out some triple axels!

My plan for these skates is to create something like this adorable Christmas wreath.

Then I fell in love with the half-gallon aqua mason jars, so I had to buy one of those– $10. I can't wait to fill it with pink flowers!

But this rug is my favorite thing. I love it! I have wanted a cowhide rug for a long time, and it was amazing to find a real one with such soft tones that will go with any color scheme. As soon as I laid it on the floor, the nuggets immediately got attached. Just the day before I had seen a similar one at a vintage store in Dallas for $250, so I was pretty happy when I got this one for $140. They cost $200 at Ikea but are only available in brown and white, and I like this one's colors so much better! Yay!

biege and white cowhide rug

Rory tried to blend in, of course. "Mom, can you see me?!"

Have you found anything cool lately? Do tell!

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