Classy Cowhide

Yes, we live in Texas.

No, we don't have big puffy hair or talk like John Ross Ewing on "Dallas."
(Although I'll be honest, we are hooked on that show!)

We now have a little piece of Texas in my studio– a gorgeous, neutral cowhide rug.

neutral cowhide rug

neutral cowhide rug

Our little beige and white nugget thinks it's the perfect place to hide, of course. Camouflage!

Cowhide rugs are all over the place right now, but it's harder to find one in these light colors. Pinterest provides plenty of inspiration, of course.

off- white cowhide rug
beige cowhide rug
white cowhide rug
cowhide rug in entry

Want a neutral cowhide rug of your own? I found some really pretty ones online:

brindle cowhide rug
Linon Cowhide Collection Light Brindle$205, Amazon

brindle cowhide rug
Light Natural Cowhide Rug, $330, World Market

grey cowhide rug
DwellStudio Cowhide Light Grey Rug, $750, House & Hold

biege cowhide rug
Brazilian Cow Hide Rug, $199, FurSource.com

So, do you need some cowhide in your life? Or is this one trend you wish had stayed in Texas?

* Furocious *

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