Checking In: What Happened with the Red Sofa?

So, do you remember when I talked about this red sofa?

My best friend moved into a new apartment and wanted to make her red sofa (a hand-me-down from her dad) look fresh, modern and girly. It used to be in her dad's southwestern style living room, so she needed to reinvent it to reflect her personality. She's a girl who loves color, so we could really have fun with it. Here's the design board I came up with when we were imagining the space:

design board with red couch

And here's how it looks now!

red couch, 1970s chair

red couch

red couch

red couch, 1970s chair

red couch
(The gallery wall is a little crooked– oops! Oh well, this is real life after all!)

Isn't to adorable? It screams "Kelsey!" and that's exactly what she wanted. It can be hard to inject your own personality into a beige apartment, but she's been able to do it!

I guess I know my best friend pretty well– she had fallen in love with those exact Anthropologie curtains (Coqo Floral Curtain) long before I made that board and pinned them to her home decor board on Pinterest. When they went on sale, she pounced. They are one of my very favorite things about the room!

Don't you love that funky 70s chair? I do! She found that on Craigslist for $50. It used to be in a school library and was in great condition. I think it's such a fun addition to the room.

Then she added a bunch of bright, colorful throw pillows to add pizazz the sofa. The pillows are from Garden Ridge, World Market and HomeGoods. The brown leather chair is from West Elm (bought on clearance at our local store), and the tables are also family hand-me-downs. That chevron lamp shade is from Target, and the tripod lamp is from Big Lots.

Here's another cute idea from Kelsey's apartment. It's always challenging to figure out what to do behind a TV, but I love this strategy. She framed her grandmother's vintage scarves to bring in even more color and personality. Plus it helps fill that big empty wall for only the cost of the affordable frames. Frugal decorating that perfectly represents the home owner– I totally love it!

Isn't this a great example of decorating within a budget? Kelsey took what she already owned and added affordable pieces that bring in new life. The curtains were really the only "splurge," and even those were on sale. Plus, they were worth every penny for the huge impact they have on the room! (Special thanks to my hubby for hanging those up for her– he is practically a professional at hanging curtains after living with me!)

I think the apartment is super charming and full of personality, but the best part is that it makes her very happy when she comes home. And really, isn't that the main goal of decorating?

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