Sweet, Simple Nursery Mural

The husband and I jetted off to El Paso, Texas over the weekend to partake in some baby-prep activities as his sister and her husband await the arrival of their firstborn, Kennadie Faith.

Kennadie's mom asked me to come out and paint a nursery mural– a tree, specifically. While I was there I got to spend some time with the in-laws and attend my sister-in-law's lovely baby shower. All in all, fantastic weekend!

Let's talk about the mural. I've painted trees before and the parents knew just what they wanted, so the tree came to life in just a couple of hours. It was a pretty simple project and I really love how it turned out!

1. Sketch the outline of the tree with a pencil

2. Paint inside the lines
(We used a flat primer/paint in one so that we wouldn't have to do multiple coats.)

3. Cut out a bunch of paper flowers

4. Pin flowers to the mural using flat white thumbtacks

VoƮla, adorable mural that has some 3D texture!

We didn't have time to get the entire room set up, but here's a view from the door with the crib in place:

The paper wall flowers made the biggest difference. The tree outline by itself was just ok, but it was "Awwwwww" once we put the flowers on the wall. Girly and sweet. What more could I want for my future niece? :)

If you want some paper flowers of your own, I have a free printable available here. You simply bend the petals outward as you pin them to the wall to get the 3D effect. Love it!

We used simple white card stock from Walmart for the flowers in this nursery.

And isn't this one of the cutest pregnant ladies you ever did see? We can't wait to meet baby Kennadie. She will be ultra spoiled by all of us in the family, that's for sure!

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