Mystery Store

While we were vacationing in Charleston, we did some shopping on King Street. Lower King Street houses great antique stores (COMPLETELY beyond my budget) and some fabulous home decor shops. I took some photos on my iPhone of this store that I was in love with, but then I forgot to note what the name of the store was. UGH!

Does anyone recognize this store? I'd love to know the name of it. It was really inspiring– I wanted to buy everything and take it home with me.

How about those wood paneled walls painted a matte black? LOVE. It's really bold, but it looks fantastic with all of the brass and gold accessories– especially that sunburst mirror. Somehow the sunburst mirror looks totally fresh and new on a black wall like that.

I really love that woven wooden ball hanging from the ceiling, too. It looks DIY-able, don't you think? It would be amazing in a modern home to add a natural element. I can also picture it in a little boy's room or nursery, where it would add a bunch of personality.

I need some exposed brick in my life. Also, I need more random vintage tchotchkes that look awesome on display. (Don't tell the husband.) I had to look up that word to know how to spell it. Tchotchke! Tchotchke! Tchotcke! Say that three times fast.

Taxidermy isn't normally my thing, but this arrangement was pretty cool. I love those branches splaying out from that ornate mirror. Great texture!

Are accordion lamp shades making a comeback? I'm not feeling it. However, I am feeling the aqua color of those lamps against the exposed brick.

That vivid painting just POPS against the black walls. Maybe art galleries should consider black walls? Some white walls and some black walls?

This is somewhat unrelated, but our King Street visit also included our first professional "honey tasting." There was a honey store, Savannah Bee Company, and they took us through a free tasting session that included 10 different honeys. It was awesome. It had walls and walls full of honey and honey-related products like lotion and lip balm. We came home with the Tupelo Honey and the Winter White honey. This is a household that loves its honey!

 * Busy Busy Busy Bee *

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