Driftwood & Happy Weekend

We snagged two small driftwood pieces on the beach in South Carolina:

They have found a home in our new little master bedroom vignette, which I admit is still a work in progress. They're the perfect holder for my bracelets and watches. I love the contrast of the shiny jewelry with the washed wood, don't you?

That's our new capiz pendant that we scored at the Pottery Barn outlet a few weeks ago, along with a mirror gifted to me by my grandpa (only half sanded at this point).  I love the way the capiz bounces the light around. It's very warm and cozy.

That map chest? We scored it for only $100 at the Wisteria warehouse sale. It was selling for $1,000 at the time, and isn't available on their website anymore. I love it!

While we're talking about the master bedroom, let's look at the curtains we finally put back up after we had the room painted. I wanted to change it up a little, so I tried to hang them to take up practically the entire wall. It makes our window look much bigger, don't you think?

This is how they looked before:

This pin is the perfect demonstration of the huge difference it can make when you hang your curtains floor to ceiling:


Do you have fun weekend plans?

We're in El Paso, Texas for my sister-in-law's baby shower! I will be painting her nursery this weekend, too. Can't wait to share it with you next week!

* Have a great weekend *
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