*Two Years*

More than nine years ago, I met my future husband. We were standing on opposite sides of a volleyball net, and I was feeling confident that I could best that 15-year old boy in front of me. (Volleyball is my game, after all.) The football team had challenged our team to a match. Silly boys.

He was pretty cute though, I'll admit. I had a thing for braces back then. ;)

I was only 16 years old, but I was smitten with this boy.

Two years ago today, we put on our fancy clothes and said "I do" in front of our favorite people.

I feel incredibly blessed to have met my better half at such a young age. We've been able to grow up together and share in so many wonderful experiences.  God is good!

Here's to many, many more wonderful years together...

* Celebrating *

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Bridal Shower Gift: DIY Dipped, Color Blocked Spoons

In honor of our two-year wedding anniversary, I'm talking about all things wedding this week! Let's start with a customized DIY wedding or bridal shower gift, shall we?

One of my oldest friends is getting married this fall, and I attended her bridal shower over the weekend. I wanted to give her something fun and special that I could personalize for her color scheme, so I decided to make her some custom wooden kitchen utensils based on this great tutorial from Erin at House of Earnest.

First, I had to do my research and check out my friend's wedding registry. I wanted to see if there was a color trend on her registry that would help me decide how to paint the utensils. A quick glance at her registry revealed she was all about blue and turquoise, which was convenient for me because I had plenty of craft paint in those colors from this project and this DIY necklace.

The first step is to paint the utensils. I originally painted each handle in one color, but I felt like it needed something more. I decided to paint a contrasting stripe along the top of each to create a color blocking effect.

My drying method? I put the painted spoons inside plastic cups that were inside my glass cups. The plastic cups were too lightweight to stand alone, so I put them inside the glass as a base. It looked silly but did the job well!

I did a couple of coats of paint on each one, and then I let them dry. Once they were dry, I went back to add the contrasting stripes. I didn't tape off the sections and I painted them in slight angles because I wanted the utensils to look homemade and hand painted. That's just my personal preference, but you could do it either way. 

Once they were completely dry, I took them outside to seal the paint. I used Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac and Sealer (spray paint version), purchased at my local Ace Hardware. This high gloss sealer makes the craft paint look more finished and helps it stay put. For this step I did tape off the lines because I only wanted the painted handles to have the high gloss finish. I figured that would contrast nicely with the wooden spoons.

I was loving how the spoons looked at this point, but I needed to compile the rest of the gift. Presentation is everything, right?!

 I needed some sort of glass vessel to house the spoons– something my friend could put on her kitchen counters so the cute spoons could be on display. After all, what's the point of having a cute, custom spoon set if you're just going to hide them in a drawer?

I eventually decided to use this small glass pitcher. I thought it was perfect because it was multifunctional. She can use it as a storage spot for the spoons, as a vase for flowers, or even as a pitcher for drinks. Multipurpose kitchen goods are always a great thing to have!

The package of wooden utensils had instructions that they should be hand washed, so I added a cute little tag so my friend would know how to care for these spoons.

Then I added the other parts of the gift, which all coordinated with the color scheme. I love these cleaning goods from Target– the basil smell is amazing! I have never cleaned the kitchen counters so much in my life! Haha. 

I scored that adorable chevron shower curtain at HomeGoods. It was perfect for my friend because she's planning to have blue chevron table runners at her wedding. 

With all of my blue/aqua items in place, I wrapped it up and brought it to the shower. It was a big hit with the future bride!

I think this might be my new go-to gift for bridal showers and weddings. Do you have a go-to gift for those occassions? My best friend always likes to give a cute apron and a cookbook when she attends bridal showers. It's nice to have a go-to gift, especially something that can be personalized. It takes a little bit of the guesswork out of it, don't you think?

What's your favorite gift to bestow on future brides or newly married couples? What's the best gift you received at your wedding or shower?

* I love weddings, don't you? *

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Randoms & Happy Weekend

Hooray for Friday! Seriously.

Phone Stuff:

My iPhone case arrived yesterday and I LOVE it! Which of the 10 options did I end up buying? Well, it looks a lot like my ombré chest for the patio:

Is it obvious I'm into aqua and ombré right now? 

This particular phone case is on sale at Macy's right now for$12.99.  The sale ends Sunday, so act quickly if you'd like one for yourself! The colors are really nice in person, and it fits my iPhone 4 very well. The fun part is that each color is its own piece and you can change up the order of the colors whenever you want. It comes with 4 extra pieces to give you even more options. 

More Phone Stuff:

Of course we all love Pinterest, and I'm constantly discovering new ways to use the stuff I find on that site. My new favorite thing? I use Pinterest images as my iPhone wallpaper!

Right now my home screen is cool geometric aqua print to coordinate with my case, of course. 

If you are using Pinterest on your iPhone, you simply hold your finger on the image until a menu pops up. Then you "Save to Camera Roll." Go to your camera images and click on the small square with arrow in the bottom left corner of the picture. Then choose "Use as Wallpaper." You can set an image for both your home screen and lock screen. 

My "Artsy Fartsy" board on Pinterest is full of beautiful artwork and designs that make awesome wallpapers. I also use images from my "Wise Words" board when I want to see something inspirational on my phone each day. It never hurts to be reminded of positive words that make you happy! I have this quote as my home screen at this very moment:

Special Occasions:

The husband and I are gearing up to celebrate our second wedding anniversary next week (on Tuesday, to be exact). Woohoo! With that in mind, I'm planning some wedding related content for next week– wedding gift ideas, how to re-purpose wedding decor in your house, DIY wedding/party ideas, anniversary ideas, great wedding photos, etc. Does that sound good? 

I've actually been working on a very fun and easy DIY project for a bridal shower I'm attending tomorrow, and I can't wait to share it with you on Monday!

* Have a lovely weekend *

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Mystery Store

While we were vacationing in Charleston, we did some shopping on King Street. Lower King Street houses great antique stores (COMPLETELY beyond my budget) and some fabulous home decor shops. I took some photos on my iPhone of this store that I was in love with, but then I forgot to note what the name of the store was. UGH!

Does anyone recognize this store? I'd love to know the name of it. It was really inspiring– I wanted to buy everything and take it home with me.

How about those wood paneled walls painted a matte black? LOVE. It's really bold, but it looks fantastic with all of the brass and gold accessories– especially that sunburst mirror. Somehow the sunburst mirror looks totally fresh and new on a black wall like that.

I really love that woven wooden ball hanging from the ceiling, too. It looks DIY-able, don't you think? It would be amazing in a modern home to add a natural element. I can also picture it in a little boy's room or nursery, where it would add a bunch of personality.

I need some exposed brick in my life. Also, I need more random vintage tchotchkes that look awesome on display. (Don't tell the husband.) I had to look up that word to know how to spell it. Tchotchke! Tchotchke! Tchotcke! Say that three times fast.

Taxidermy isn't normally my thing, but this arrangement was pretty cool. I love those branches splaying out from that ornate mirror. Great texture!

Are accordion lamp shades making a comeback? I'm not feeling it. However, I am feeling the aqua color of those lamps against the exposed brick.

That vivid painting just POPS against the black walls. Maybe art galleries should consider black walls? Some white walls and some black walls?

This is somewhat unrelated, but our King Street visit also included our first professional "honey tasting." There was a honey store, Savannah Bee Company, and they took us through a free tasting session that included 10 different honeys. It was awesome. It had walls and walls full of honey and honey-related products like lotion and lip balm. We came home with the Tupelo Honey and the Winter White honey. This is a household that loves its honey!

 * Busy Busy Busy Bee *

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10 Cute & Stylish iPhone Cases

I've been hunting for an iPhone case that's both protective and stylish. I wanted something with a little personality that wouldn't break the bank. Along the way I discovered a bunch of adorable cases that I'd buy in a heartbeat.

In fact, I did buy one of these. Can you guess which one?

stylish iphone cases

I can't vouch for how well they protect the phone, but they sure do look cute!

* Because an Otterbox just isn't stylish enough. * 

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Sweet, Simple Nursery Mural

The husband and I jetted off to El Paso, Texas over the weekend to partake in some baby-prep activities as his sister and her husband await the arrival of their firstborn, Kennadie Faith.

Kennadie's mom asked me to come out and paint a nursery mural– a tree, specifically. While I was there I got to spend some time with the in-laws and attend my sister-in-law's lovely baby shower. All in all, fantastic weekend!

Let's talk about the mural. I've painted trees before and the parents knew just what they wanted, so the tree came to life in just a couple of hours. It was a pretty simple project and I really love how it turned out!

1. Sketch the outline of the tree with a pencil

2. Paint inside the lines
(We used a flat primer/paint in one so that we wouldn't have to do multiple coats.)

3. Cut out a bunch of paper flowers

4. Pin flowers to the mural using flat white thumbtacks

Voîla, adorable mural that has some 3D texture!

We didn't have time to get the entire room set up, but here's a view from the door with the crib in place:

The paper wall flowers made the biggest difference. The tree outline by itself was just ok, but it was "Awwwwww" once we put the flowers on the wall. Girly and sweet. What more could I want for my future niece? :)

If you want some paper flowers of your own, I have a free printable available here. You simply bend the petals outward as you pin them to the wall to get the 3D effect. Love it!

We used simple white card stock from Walmart for the flowers in this nursery.

And isn't this one of the cutest pregnant ladies you ever did see? We can't wait to meet baby Kennadie. She will be ultra spoiled by all of us in the family, that's for sure!

* Happy Monday *
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Driftwood & Happy Weekend

We snagged two small driftwood pieces on the beach in South Carolina:

They have found a home in our new little master bedroom vignette, which I admit is still a work in progress. They're the perfect holder for my bracelets and watches. I love the contrast of the shiny jewelry with the washed wood, don't you?

That's our new capiz pendant that we scored at the Pottery Barn outlet a few weeks ago, along with a mirror gifted to me by my grandpa (only half sanded at this point).  I love the way the capiz bounces the light around. It's very warm and cozy.

That map chest? We scored it for only $100 at the Wisteria warehouse sale. It was selling for $1,000 at the time, and isn't available on their website anymore. I love it!

While we're talking about the master bedroom, let's look at the curtains we finally put back up after we had the room painted. I wanted to change it up a little, so I tried to hang them to take up practically the entire wall. It makes our window look much bigger, don't you think?

This is how they looked before:

This pin is the perfect demonstration of the huge difference it can make when you hang your curtains floor to ceiling:


Do you have fun weekend plans?

We're in El Paso, Texas for my sister-in-law's baby shower! I will be painting her nursery this weekend, too. Can't wait to share it with you next week!

* Have a great weekend *
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