The Thrill of the Hunt

Last Friday I drove down to San Marcos, Texas for a hunting trip with two of my college volleyball teammates. That's right, a hunting trip.

We have a great hunting spot, and the conditions were ideal.

Decor Chick

Like good hunters, we know the good stuff is on the path less traveled.

My first kill was in the very back of the store, next to a bunch of clearance wall shelves.
I found this adorable cubby shelf for $49. I fell in love with it instantly. Can't you see this as the most adorable advent calendar around the holidays? The 25 cubbies will be perfect for that! This was 60% off the original price.

Pottery Barn

I have no idea where I'm going to put it just yet, so right now it's just sitting on the floor. I have to find the perfect spot!

The ice was broken, and the hunt continued. My next find was this iron kitchen caddy. It's meant to be hung on the wall, but we're just going to set it on our kitchen counter. It's the perfect size for our salt, pepper and olive oil. The salt grinder is open on the bottom and gets salt everywhere, so I figured this would help keep it contained. I can't seem to find it online, but I paid $10 for it. 

I was digging really deep into a pile of junk when I found a West Elm dish towel, just like the ones I talked about last week! It was monogrammed with a J for Jordan. $3? Yes, I'll take it! 

West Elm
I don't really love the font they used for the J, so I'm going to keep that side turned the other way. As you can tell by the wrinkles that it has gotten a lot of use already!

Everything was on extreme clearance except for my last purchase. Quite frankly, I just really liked it. I've been looking for a basket for our fireplace hearth to hold blankets and pillows, and I hadn't found anything I liked yet. Something about this beachcomber basket really appealed to me. I paid $40 for it, down from $129.  I love it!

Pottery Barn

I wasn't the only one hunting that day, though. My friends found some good deals, too.

Angelle found this awesome 8x10 West Elm rug for her master bedroom for $400 (down from $700). 

West Elm

Jackie bought this giant sail boat print for $160, down from $399.

Pottery Barn
 Jackie also bought these chunky wooden picture ledges for $15 and $20.

Pottery Barn
 Kelsey got maybe the best deal of the trip, scoring these two wine shelves for $6 and $10 (down from $75 and $85)!

Oh, I totally forgot about my last purchase. My parents are renovating a house for the youth minister at their church, and she told me to buy any major deals she thought they could use in their home. "They only have a brown couch, that's it," she said. Well, I found this West Elm chair for $80, down from $399.  It has a small blemish on the wood in front, but it will be easily fixed. 

West Elm

All in all, it was a super successful shopping trip. I love the thrill of the hunt! But the best part of all was seeing some of my closest friends. We now live in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, so we hardly ever get to see each other. This annual shopping trip is always so fun and such a great way to catch up with each other. 

What about you, have you found any bargains lately? If the Pottery Barn Outlet was closer to me, I'd be there every weekend!

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