Randoms & Happy Weekend

* Do you watch HGTV's Design Star?  If so, Emily Henderson's recaps are a must read. Seriously, she is totally funny and it will give you a new appreciation for what the contestants are going through.

* I was inspired by the natural wood beauties I posted yesterday, so I pulled out the sandpaper on a mirror I had in the garage:

I quickly realized that was going to take me forever to sand by hand, so I'm going to look into renting/buying a detail sander to help me finish the project.  I have a good feeling about where this little project is going. It's just one step in a bigger plan to refresh our master bedroom! If you have a recommendation on which detail sander is the best value, please share!

*Now that Mr. Happy Homebody is on summer vacation (and today was the last day of coaching football camps), he's ready to take on house projects. I love this time of year! :) Last weekend he installed new blinds throughout the house, switched out the last remaining brass ceiling fan and gifted me with a sleek new porcelain throne. Now he's working on finishing out our baseboards (we have a gap between the floor and the baseboard because we removed thick carpet) and the outdoor cooler project. We've got a list of projects to do this summer, and he's crossing them off one by one!

* Speaking of toilets, we now have this Glacier Bay toilet from Home Depot in each bathroom. We are quite pleased with them and they are very affordable. It feels weird to talk about toilets. Oh well.

* Turns out Twitter is pretty fun! Who knew? I'm not sure why I waited so long. If you're also part of Twitter-verse, I'd love for you to follow me! twitter.com/HappyHomebodies

* Do you have fun weekend plans? We are headed to the LMFAO concert tonight, and then a wedding in beautiful Texas Hill Country tomorrow. If the LMFAO concert seems like a random choice, it is– and it isn't. One of my old college friends is touring with them as their DJ! Isn't that cool? He always wanted to be a DJ, and look at him go...

* Happy Weekend! *
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