Randoms & Happy Friday

HOORAY for Friday!

Please bear with me while I spill out some random thoughts...

* First of all, I feel pretty lucky to be married to this guy. He turned a whopping 25 years old yesterday. Over the hill, that's for sure. :)

* We're on the hunt for new blinds, and I saw a sale on the Home Depot website. The EZ Blinds are 50% off right now, just FYI in case you're wanting to buy some affordable blinds. I think it's only an online sale. I would have gone with that option, but they didn't have the size we needed for our windows. Instead we got some white faux-wood blinds from Lowe's. Installation is happening this weekend– goodbye terrible thin plastic blinds!

* We've got a lot of projects happening this weekend. New toilet for the master bath? Check. New ceiling fan for the guest room? Check. New blinds for all of the windows? Check.

* Remember the thrift store cabinet that I ombré'd and hope to turn into an outdoor cooler?

The husband began the project yesterday. Here's a sneak peek!

 * Have you been to Target lately? I saw these bright, happy pillows the other day. I fell in love with both the colors and the price!

 * I don't shop Ebay very often, but Scott took the Ebay plunge and bought me this knock-off J Crew bubble necklace for my birthday. The J Crew version runs for $150, and my knock off cost $15. The hubs decided to buy me the yellow one because he "looked in my jewelry cabinet and EVERYTHING is blue." Yup, guilty. Exhibit A. Exhibit B

But really, my knockoff version is great. At that price you can get 10 colors instead of just one! (Yes, they come in tons of colors on Ebay, starting at $10. )

I had this necklace all over my Style Inspiration board on Pinterest:



Get thyself to Ebay and purchase yourself a knockoff necklace! Stat! 
Sometimes I like to type with a British accent.

That's all I've got for my random thoughts of the day. I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend. 

I'll have some good little house projects to show you next week!

* Happy Weekend *

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