Lavender Baby Nursery & Murals

We found out yesterday that my sister in law is having a baby girl! SO exciting!

Of course I love to help with nurseries. I mean, what's more fun than decorating a baby room?

They want me to paint a tree on the wall, and they have a purple, pink and green color scheme in mind. Naturally I decided to create a little board to see what might look good together!

nursery for Kennadie

I'll be painting some sort of tree on the wall, maybe something like these?



 I'm flying to attend her baby shower in late July, which is when I'll be painting the room. Of course I will be sharing all of the nursery decorations on the blog when we get it done. Can't wait!

This isn't the first baby nursery mural I've painted– it's one of my favorite things to do. It all started with a mural for one of my college volleyball coaches:

That was SO fun because they went out of town and I had the room to myself the whole weekend. They came home and got to be surprised by the mural! They were really excited. (In case you're wondering, they took these photos for our local newspaper. What can I say, it was a slow news day. That's why we're all posed like that. Haha!)

Then I finished playing volleyball and moved to Dallas. We made some new friends and I got to do a birch tree nursery mural for my dear friend Erin!

Then I was asked to do a mural for the nursery at our church.  You can't tell very well in this picture, but there are dark yellow polka dots on the top half. It's super cute and unisex!

And now I get to do one for my sis-in-law! YAY!

We aren't personally in the baby mindset yet, but you better believe I will have a great time decorating the nursery when we get pregnant! It's just one of those rooms you can have so much fun with, and everything for babies is so adorable. 

* Lavender Dreams*

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