Faux Bois Chalkboard Door

I really love my chalkboard door. It's just so fun to erase the old and put up something new!

Right now the door is sporting my favorite look yet– faux bois! I was inspired by Mandi's faux bois concrete floor over at Vintage Revivals.

Why do I love having a chalkboard front door?

  1. The deep black color pops against our grey walls and glossy white trim.
  2. It's versatile! I can erase the chalk and have a plain black door or draw something fun on it to bring more personality to our home. 
  3. It's a major conversation starter. Everyone who comes over asks me about it!
  4. It's holiday friendly. I've had it decorated for Christmas and Valentine's Day so far. Then I did a Spring theme. Is the 4th of July next? Who knows! It's just chalk– I can change it whenever I want. 
  5. It pushes my creativity. I have to think about what I can do with a big black rectangle and a small piece of white chalk. I like to give my artistic muscles a workout!
Do you have any chalkboard going on in your house? Are you constantly doodling on it like me?

* Eat My Chalk Dust! *

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