DIY Flower Pot Fountain, Take Two

A couple weeks ago when my parents were visiting, my dad mentioned that he really liked our flower pot fountain and was going to make one for himself. It's pretty hard to find gifts that my dad likes, so I immediately filed that away as the perfect Father's Day present.  Last week we picked out some pots and whipped up another flower pot fountain, just slightly different from our original version. (Interestingly, that first fountain happens to be the most popular post on this blog by a long shot, thanks to Pinterest!)

For the design of this fountain, we were inspired by this pin.  The husband made the trek to Garden Ridge while I was working to search for the perfect pots. (You've got to love teacher-husbands on summer break!)

He had the image of the inspiration fountain and then sent me this photo as his best imitation:

I thought that would work just fine and gave him the thumbs up to purchase the pots. The bigger one was $25 and the smaller one was $8. If you need pots, Garden Ridge has a HUGE selection. 

He also purchased a Smartpond Countainer Fountain Kit (70 gph pump) from Lowe's for $20.  

This is what you need to get started: two flower pots (one slightly smaller than the other), a plastic flower pot (to go inside), a plastic tube, a fountain pump, a power drill and silicone.  

*Special thanks to the husband for stopping down on his project to take pictures for me while I slaved away at the office– something he hates doing!

The first step is to enlarge the hole in the bottom of the biggest pot using your spade drill bit. You need the hole to be large enough to accommodate the pump cord and plug.

Once you have the cord all the way through, you seal it with the silicone and let it dry completely. 

The next step is to flip the plastic pot upside down and drill holes in it so that water will flow through it. This cheap pot will serve as the base for the upper flower pot. You also need a hole big enough to allow the clear plastic tube to pass through.

* Pretty holes not necessary. Ha!

This cheap pot gets placed on top of the pump, and the tube is fed through the cheap pot and up into the upper flower pot (through the hole in the bottom).

We didn't have to glue the upper pot to keep it at this angle. We decided not to so that the angle of the pot can continually be adjusted if needed. The heavy rocks inside give it stability and keep it in place. 

The space between the clear tube and the top flower pot also needs to be sealed with silicone. Allow all of that to dry completely before going to the next step. 

The next part is a piece of cake– fill it with rocks! Scott went back to our rock resource, Custom Stone, to pick up some Colorado River Rock. Custom Stone is used to selling large quantities of stone for landscaping projects, so they just laughed when Scott asked for this small amount and let him have it for free. Hooray for free rocks!

The next step is to cut the clear cord and fill the pot with water so it can circulate. Plug in the pump and turn it on. Then enjoy your hard work and put your feet up. Soak up the peaceful sound of running water in your backyard!


For another version of the DIY Flower Pot Fountain, check out the original fountain that we LOVE having in our backyard.

Yep, you NEED a fountain in your backyard. Go ahead, indulge!

*  Soft, Bubbling Water = Instant Relaxation *

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