2 Free DIY Modern Wall Art Printables!

I always liked these wallflowers from Urban Outfitters. Shortly after we moved into our house, I made my own version of them with some white cardstock, scissors and clear thumbtacks.

I put them above our bed in the master bedroom and have totally loved them ever since!

I liked them so much that I used them in other places in our home, too.

Here they are in our old living room, before we painted the walls grey

And on a canvas in my hot pink and grey bathroom:

I've even used them in other homes, too.

Here they are as part of the birch tree nursery mural I did for a friend:

And in the hallway at another friend's home:

I thought you may want to make some yourself, so I decided to make some free printables! I created two versions of the flowers. You simply print them out on heavy cardstock, cut out the shapes, bend the flowers out and tack them to the wall with a thumbtack. If you don't want to use thumbtacks, you can attach them to the wall with velcro or something similar.

Click below to download the PDFs and print them out.

I'd love to see your results– email me with pictures!

DIY Wall Flowers Printable #1

DIY Wall Flowers Printable #2

* Happy [free] decorating!*