Working With a Red Sofa

My best friend Kelsey has a red sofa that was passed down to her by her grandmother. It's great and comfortable, but red can be a challenging color to build a room around. Kelsey has really fun style, and she likes to decorate with color. As a woman living by herself, she has full dominion over her place and can make it as feminine as she wants (which sometimes makes me jealous)!

What are we working with in Kelsey's new apartment? First, she has the red sofa similar to the one below. Her apartment has white walls and white-ish carpet. She has a brown leather chair from West Elm just like the one in the photo below. Her furniture is a mix of old and new, and she has many vintage pieces passed down from her grandmother that are sentimental and need to be worked into the design.

So, how do we create something young and modern and fun and girly while incorporating all of the pieces she already has and working with a small budget?

Here's what I came up with (via Polyvore):

Casa de Kelsey

We've got a red sofa and a brown chair. Kelsey is not afraid of colors, and she particularly likes warm colors. 

Let's add some awesome pinks and purples and corals– inspired by the pink/red color blocking fashion trend. Ah yes, that makes the sofa much more feminine and modern all at once.

Let's balance the reds and pinks with some lighter pillows with touches of grey and blue in the throw pillows and artwork. Warm and cool tones are always a nice combo, right?

Patterns, patterns and more patterns. Mix with abandon! That's what makes it fun and youthful.

And how do we add instant personality to a white apartment without painting the walls? Statement curtains! I love these curtains so much. I also love that Anthropologie has them on sale right now. Yes, it's a bold pattern. However, I know Kelsey can pull it off. Go big or go home!

So, what would you do with a red sofa? Got any ideas for Kelsey?

* Red elephant in the room *

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