Quick Sale Alert!

If you're an Anthropologie fan, you may want to swing by your local store or shop online. It's time for the semi annual clearance sale!

Here are some of my favorite sale items spotted online:

anthro sale

Crochet dress
$80 - anthropologie.com

Sun-Ripened Cover-Up
$90 - anthropologie.com

$70 - anthropologie.com

Chain jewelry
$30 - anthropologie.com

Ligna Chair
$300 - anthropologie.com

Maude Pitcher
$40 - anthropologie.com

Zelda Maillot
$90 - anthropologie.com

Neon Beacon Posts
$15 - anthropologie.com

One of the things I like about Anthropologie is they will send you a discount coupon during your birthday month. Seeing as this is my birthday month, I'll have to take my discount card and an old gift card and see if I can find a treasure.  

* Happy Shopping! * 

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