Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Accessories

When it comes to buying gifts, clothes are very challenging. When you feel like you have a grasp on that person's fashion but don't want to buy something that might not fit, the easiest route is accessories.
If something doesn't have to fit perfectly– say, a stretchy cardigan– you can sometimes get away with buying it as a gift. I know I could never have enough cardigans in my wardrobe. They are a work staple for me!

With summer approaching, your mom might need a big floppy hat and a casual tote bag. How about a new case for her iPad, Kindle, Nook or iPhone? Scarves are as versatile as necklaces these days, so a lightweight version is a great gift for anyone.

Fashionable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

J Crew j crew cardigan
$35 - jcrew.com

J Crew short sleeve cardigan
$35 - jcrew.com

Boyfriend cardigan
$20 - target.com

Old Navy flat shoes

Old navy scarve
$8 - oldnavy.gap.com

Floppy hat

Forever 21 polka dot scarve
$9.80 - forever21.com

Floppy straw hat

Forever 21 polka dot scarve
$9.80 - forever21.com

Pink scarve

Factory iPhone case
$19 - jcrew.com

Women's Accessories
$40 - landsend.com

Mumbai Tablet Computer Case
$58 - anthropologie.com

$20 - target.com

Next up, some gift ideas for the home!

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