It's Here! (The Outdoor Sectional)

I told you a few weeks ago that we used some of our hail damage insurance money to purchase the most affordable outdoor sectional we could find, the Sandhill sectional from Walmart. Well, it's here!

Our first thought when we unloaded the box was WHOA, PILLOWS. Putting it together was very easy. We had three people working on it (well, really the husband put it together while the BFF and I unwrapped and de-tagged pillows) during a DVR'd episode of Smash.

Even though it was 10:30 p.m. by the time we finished it, we still hauled it outside and set it up. Then we started to worry about the cushions. Have I mentioned our dogs are amazingly adorable destructive? Plus it's storm season in DFW, and we want to prolong the life of the cushions by not putting them through a bunch of thunderstorms and hail madness. We thought we'd store them right inside the back door for easy access to the patio.

Unfortunately we didn't take into account the volume of pillows. Did I mention there are a lot of pillows?!

I just had to snap a quick picture with my cell phone. How ridiculous does that look? Needless to say, the cushions don't live there anymore.  Yes, I have a TJ Maxx bag hanging from my office-shelves-turned-china-cabinet. That's how real life looks around here. What's that turquoise blob at the bottom? A watering can displaced by the pillows, looking for a new home.

The next day I took some photos of the patio in its current state. No, I didn't sweep it after the storm and it's covered in muddy paw prints. Yes, our Craiglisted fire pit has a dark discoloration on top that we need to fix (but who cares– it works perfectly). Yep, we've got weeds growing through our patio cracks. But I did put two new pillows out there and ask the cutest furry models to join the photo shoot!

The yellow and blue pillows were both purchased at World Market. The yellow one is meant to be outdoors, but the blue one isn't. I keep both pillows inside when we're not using the patio, so I figured the indoor pillow would be ok.

It hasn't taken us long to put the sectional to use. The weather has been great in DFW this week so we had dinner out there a few times. We were out there earlier today, lounging and going over the Bible study we're leading at church tonight. It's functioning as an outdoor room, which is just what I hoped! We LOVE it. It's very comfortable. We don't miss having a dining table out there because we just eat on the coffee table/fire pit. I guess we're used to that because we often eat off the coffee table in front of our TV in the living room, too.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying a great Mother's Day!

* Happy Mother's Day *

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