DIY Ombre Statement Necklace

I got a little crafty this weekend and made myself a statement necklace to wear this summer!

It's very simple to make. No jewelry-making savvy required!

You need some wooden beads, acrylic paint and thin hemp cord.

For this project, I used the same craft paint we used to paint the outdoor cabinet: Sea Lavender by Martha Stewart, Robins Egg Blue by Craft Smart and Aqua by Craft Smart.

My wooden beads are from Michael's– one bag of 3/4 inch beads and two bags of 5/8 inch beads.

First, you cut the hemp cord into three lengths– 34 inches, 38 inches and 42 inches. I decided to put 26 (5/8 inch) beads on the 34 inch cord and 30 (5/8 beads) on the 38 inch cord. The longest cord got 27 (3/4 inch) beads. I categorized my bead groupings into different bowls so I knew which color to paint each group.


The next step is the most tedious, but it's still not that bad. I recommend painting the beads while you watch some excellent TV to make the process go faster. I also recommend wearing latex gloves if you have an aversion to paint on your hands!

Then you simply string the beads on the cord! After a little trial and error, I decided to add one extra bead (plain wood finish) to group the three strands together on each end. You don't have to do this step– I just liked the way it looked better that way. Totally a personal preference thing. 

I'm not one for complicated projects (or spending extra $ on more supplies) so I decided to make the necklace long enough to fit around my head so I wouldn't have to add a jewelry closure. I just tied the cord into a knot and trimmed off the excess. I made sure it would fit around my head first, of course. You could also string this necklace with ribbon instead of hemp cord and then tie it in a bow behind your neck. 

I decided to pair this statement necklace with my denim button down shirt (New York & Co).  I like the way a collared shirt looks with big necklaces. It spices up a shirt that might otherwise be a little plain and takes a business casual look into fun territory.

I tried it with a few other shirts in my closet, too. This coral/turquoise combo was a winner:

Then my best friend came over wearing a very cute light blue top, so I forced her to model my latest creation. It looked great with that color scheme, too. 

I just love this light blue/turquoise color. I have touches of this color all over my house, from art to accessories and kitchen appliances. I even wore earrings and a bracelet this color during our wedding. It's just so happy and fresh! It's perfect for summer, don't you think?

Believe it or not, this is not the only DIY necklace tutorial I have on tap this week! My BFF gave me a birthday present today that involved making my own Anthropologie-inspired creation. I'll be sharing that later this week. 

I hope you'll forgive the foray from home design into fashion– it's fun to make things whether it's for your home or your wardrobe, right? 

How great would this necklace be in different shades of coral? Yep, I would totally wear that. Maybe for my next jewelry project...

* Blue Moon *
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