besotted: strongly infatuated

besodded: strongly infatuated with your lawn

The husband is officially besotted besodded with our lawn. You see, a couple weeks ago he zeroed in on our lawn's major faults and was determined to do something about them.

Our grass had major problems, that's for sure. Check out this massive dead zone in our backyard:

He got up early one Saturday and visited some "grass brokers." Is it just me or is that an excellent euphemism for a drug dealer?

Pretty soon, it was my job to transport $120 worth of sod from the back of the truck to the patio. WHOA, upper body workout. I was exhausted!

It's looking way better out there now. 

For reference, this is how it looked a few months back when we attempted to add grass plugs. That didn't work at all. 

The sheets of sod have worked much, much better so far. It's a much better view from the french doors in the kitchen now!

(Ignore our cushion-less patio furniture– we keep the cushions inside when we aren't using them, and I was too lazy to bring them out for photos!)

Our front yard is looking much better, too. Remember when we planted that little tree next to the remnants of our old tree?

Well, the tree is growing and we plugged up that dead spot with new sod. It's not perfectly seamless, but it's pretty good. 

Look at that green grass! Woohoo!

We also signed up with TruGreen about a month ago, and they have been out three times so far to work on the lawn. We think that's part of the reason it's such a vivid green color. 

They gave us some good tips to help our lawn when they came by the first time:

1) Water your lawn– we have St. Augustine grass– twice a week. (We were watering it more often than that.)
2) Cut your grass higher. (Scott was cutting it very low.)
3) Aerate. 

Between their treatments, those tips, and the nice time of year it is in North Texas, our lawn is the nicest it has looked since we moved in!

I'm just hoping it doesn't all turn brown in July like it did last year when we had that record-long heat spell!

How's your grass looking these days? Are you besodded?!

 * The grass is always greener... *

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