Adventures in Watercolor

I haven't picked up my paintbrush since before Christmas, so I was feeling a little rusty.

I guess I was also feeling a little Texan, because I decided to paint a cow.

Meh, right? Yep, that's how I feel about it. Don't think this piece will be displayed anywhere in our home, unless we have a cow-themed baby nursery one day...

Drawing with pen is my favorite medium, so I decided to mix pen and watercolor together. 

I modeled them after myself and some of my favorite clothes in my closet. They're reminiscent of the fashion sketches I did for two of my favorite brides in December. I think I might like these better because the pen adds a little something. 

So... I spotted this DIY Anthropologie necklace on Pinterest and I'm smitten! I think she made it with the same crystal beads I used for my DIY chandelier. As luck would have it, I have a few left over. I think I'll be making this very soon!

Have you spotted anything awesome on Pinterest lately? Do share!

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