Weekend Thrifting Adventures

My best friend and I went on a successful thrifting expedition on Saturday. I was hunting for a coat rack for my new office at work. (Yup, moving on up!)

Well, we found the coat rack and some other cool stuff, too.  Isn't that how it always happens? Go for one thing, come home with five!

First up, the lovely white and gold 1980s coat rack for $10. Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!

I used Krylon spray paint in Rasberry. Pink for the office? I think so! My beige box needs some color.

My next find was a sweet little weathered Coca Cola display shelf for $50. Can't you picture it as a awesome planter for an herb garden? We don't have a spot for it, so I bought it for a friend's family who is starting a stylish vintage furniture resale shop in East Texas. It will be perfect for their store.

Right next to the Coca Cola shelf was a small weathered cabinet for $25. 

I have big plans for this piece! Scott has been wanting to build an outdoor table/cart with a cooler. I figure he can rig the top of this cabinet to open with hinges and we can place a cooler inside. It is going to be really cool for summer parties! Something like this (except this is $600)...

Patio Furniture USA
I already took out the Coca Cola sign from the front of the cabinet (also bound for my friend's vintage shop) and covered the opening with ombré wooden slats. Now it's so beachy and fun. More details about this little project coming in a future post!

I can't wait to see how Scott converts it to a cooler! I'm sure he will work wonders with it. 

I picked up this really big birdcage for my mom for $10. 

I think she can do something really neat with it, like this planter I saw on Pinterest:


Lastly, I scored some really cute white and gold china for $18. It has already found a home on our new industrial shelf!

Overall it was a super successful thrifting outing! Have you found any cool things at thrift stores or garage sales lately? I'd love to hear about it!

* Winding Down *
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