Tuesday Tornadoes

So, you may have heard that Dallas/Fort Worth got some crazy weather yesterday.

I actually got sent home from work yesterday because our building was having an electrical problem, so I was in my living room when the tornado sirens went off. I really had no idea serious weather was headed our way, so I was surprised. I guess I should watch the news more often...

Anyway, the pups and I hunkered down in our interior bathroom while I watched the weather coverage on my laptop. Before I knew it, I could hear bowling balls raining down on our roof. Ok, maybe not bowling balls, but that's what it sounded like!

We were fortunate and blessed to avoid the tornado's path. We have some pretty severe hail damage, but that's nothing compared to what some of our DFW neighbors are dealing with today. We are all so relieved that the storm didn't claim any lives. Stuff can always be replaced.

When the weather was safely out of our area, I headed out of the bathroom bunker to survey the damage.

It does look like we are probably in the market for a new roof and a new car. We've also got damage to our fence, gutters, mail box, patio furniture, outdoor lights, etc. We're hoping the insurance guy can get out here quickly to let us know exactly what we're dealing with financially.

All in all, just another regular Tuesday in North Texas. ;)

If you'd like to donate to those who lost everything in the Texas tornadoes yesterday, you can find more information at this link.

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