Flooring Update & The Man Closet

Hey, guess what we did a couple weeks ago before our guests arrived? We finished flooring the last room in our house!

That's right, the very last remnant of shag carpet is g-o-n-e gone!

Much better, right?

This is our nicest guest room (because it has the biggest bed) and is my husband's dressing room. He uses the closet in this space and claimed this room to be the "masculine" guest room. 

We started with the grey quilt and the Ikea painting above the bed, and the room went from there. All of Mr. Happy Homebody's football memories were plastered onto the wall and gave the room a sporty vibe that we both love. 

It's got some original artwork, too. That piece above the shelves is a painting I did for Scott as a birthday present several years ago (that's him in the painting) and the Lowenbrau stained glass piece was made by Scott's dad, who is a great artist. It goes perfectly with the colors in that room!

Check this out. Beautiful, bright white glossy door vs. yellowed, old and yucky door. Eek. The doors and trim inside all of the bedrooms will be painted as part of Phase II of the house-painting project. They need to go, stat. It's amazing how much better the bright white trim looks in this picture.

Let's take a peek inside that yucky off-white closet door, shall we? I've already shared my closet makeover on here, so let's see what Mr. Happy Homebody has going on in his closet. 

The closet is lined with cedar, just like mine. Because he is a rugged manly man, Scott likes the cedar and has chosen to keep it in its original, log cabin form. 

The flooring continues into the closet, too. It's one big wooden box in there!

My husband is way more organized than I am, and his closet system was important to him. He customized the existing closet to better suit his needs, just like he did with mine. 

He needed more shoe shelves (what can I say, the boy likes shoes) and he added those pant hangers from Ikea to store his shorts and pants. They pull out and are pretty cool for what he needs. I sort of wish I had some in my closet, but they aren't very pretty so I'll pass. 

Shorts on top...

Pants on the bottom...

(Grown men in baseball pants = HILARIOUS. Every time Scott comes homes in those after coaching a baseball game, I can't help but laugh.)

 What's a grown man closet without a rack for ties and belts? His is hidden right inside the closet by the door.

It's a pretty decent set up for a man closet, right? Who needs a man cave when you have a custom closet that looks like a log cabin?!

So there you have it, the husband's dressing room– now complete with floors that match the rest of the house. You're welcome, all future house guests! It's a much nicer place for you to rest your head now. 

Room Sources:

Quilt: Target
G Pillow: Urban Outfitters
Yellow pillow: Crate & Barrel via thrift store
Black & White Pillows: HomeGoods
NYC Art: Ikea
Yellow Lamp: HomeGoods
Dresser: Pottery Barn (hand me down from my parents that desperately needs a facelift)
Shelf: Ross
Curtains: Ikea
Closet pant hangers: Ikea

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