Bargain Find: Horchow Chandelier

Do you have a Neiman Marcus/Horchow outlet in your area? It's usually out of my price range, but every once in a while you can find a great deal.

Our outlet has a little chip/dent warehouse section where they sell discounted items. These items have either been returned, chipped, dented or were used in a photo shoot. I saw this chandelier and immediately thought of my mom. It's totally her style– see exhibit A and exhibit B.

The Salento Six-Light Chandelier is priced at $375 on the Horchow website. Already a bargain by Horchow standards! The outlet version was priced at $142.


You can't return items from the outlet area, so I decided to text a picture to my mom to make sure she'd like it. I figured my brother and I could chip in together to buy it for Mother's Day if she really loved it. Luckily she did love it, so this pretty chandelier came home with me!

Moral of the story? Sometimes really expensive stores do have sales and bargains that can actually bring the price down to a normal person's budget! 

What else did we do this weekend? This:

My job was to unload the sod from the truck. That, my friends, was a full body workout. My arms were exhausted. I skipped the gym that day, that's for sure.

I'll post pictures of the yard later this week. It looks much better already!

* Happy Monday *

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