There Once Was a Tree...

There once was a big oak tree
It was green and mighty and tall!
Until one day, a big storm blew in
And half of the tree took a fall. 

What once set our hearts aflutter
Had gone and ruined our gutter!

Trees like these need all of their limbs
Or they start to look naked and sad
And in the end, the tree had to go
It was the only option we had. 

Watching her go was the hardest part
We're left with a hole in the grass and a hole in our heart.

Every tree lost is another tree planted
Just another excuse to go shopping
If one were to buy themselves a tree
At what store might they be stopping?

We want something colorful and pretty
To serve as a front yard staple
So what do you think:
Is it time for us to adopt a Red Maple? 


 Ok ok, that's enough rhyming for today! 

As you can see, we had our big oak tree removed from our front yard. We're currently debating whether to replace it, and if we do replace it, what type of tree to buy. 

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts? We live in the Dallas area so it has to be able to survive our climate. I'd love to hear about other trees that don't get too huge and have some pretty colors.

* Happy Wednesday *

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  1. Well, we are in upstate New York and when we were on the search we came up with a: Service Berry tree. In the spring it blooms white small flower, then produces berries (looks like blue berries) that are edible and that "services the birds" (not a messy tree, which is good), then in the fall the leaves turn orange/red. Oh by the way, it does not get very tall. Check it out and see how it will do in Dallas. Happy researching

  2. Just wanted to let you know I think your blog is lovely, and I gave you the Liebster award today on mine. Hopefully you don't mind a few extra hits this week. :) Take care!

  3. What a lovely post!! I can't wait to start seeing green trees again!

  4. Consider a male ginkgo. The leaves are spectacular, they're very toleratant to climate issues and they turn a brilliant yellow in the fall. The females - probably not sold commercially - bear an unpleasant fruit so be sure to look at males.



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