Liebster Love

Why hello there, Friday. Where have you been? It's so nice to see you again!

Something cool happened this week! Erica over at Let Why Lead gave me the Liebster Award!

The Leibster Award is designed showcase quality blogs with 200 followers or less (that's me!), and it is so cool that Erica inducted me into the Liebster club. Thank you, Erica. You made my day.

The next goal of the award is to pass it on, so I get the privilege of choosing five blogs to receive the Liebster Award. *Exciting!*

Drumroll, please...

[In my best Oprah voice] "Commonplace Beauty, you get a Liebster! Family Brings Joy, YOU get a Liebster! And you! And you! And YOU!"

I have to qualify this by saying that some of these blogs don't list how many followers they have, so I'm not sure if they are under 200. Oh well, they still get a Liebster!

Commonplace Beauty: I came across this blog when Heather showed her peacock inspired holiday tablescape in the Centsational Girl's tablescape party (you know, the one we entered with our pear green sparkly setting). It turns out her blog is super cute and full of DIY ideas, so you should definitely check it out!

Family Brings Joy:  Shan tackles all things family-related on her blog with grace and wisdom. Plus her house has a Command Central, which makes her awesome. Pay her a visit!

Kendal Jessup Photography: Kendal and I went to high school together, and now she has a fabulous photography business and blog that are worth publicizing. She did our wedding photography, and she was awesome to work with. I love to see the photos she takes and where her business takes her.

Wine Taste Girl: Shannon's super cute blog is all about getting an expensive look with a small budget. A girl after my own heart! Check out her top 10 fashion trends for spring, but be warned– it will make you want to go shopping.

The Fresh House of Belaire: This blog is brand spankin' new and belongs to my good friend Becky. We coach volleyball together, and she and her husband just bought an adorable 50s bungalow in north Dallas. They have major plans for this home, and the renovations have just begun. Follow along!


Tomorrow officially marks Spring Break time for Mr. Happy Homebody, and we are ready to go with our patio project (if it would ever stop raining). Other things I hope we hope to accomplish next week:

• Finish the flooring in the guest room. It's the last room standing with the yucky carpet.

• Do something about this curtain problem (courtesy of an impatient husband):

• Finish the set of four doodle chairs:

• Create my own version of this:

Because no one should ever forget to be awesome.

There's just something about this time of year that energizes me to take on more projects and try new things. I'm coming out of my winter hibernation or something!

* Have a great weekend! *

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  1. You have made my day, girl! Thank you so much for including me in this Liebster Award and for your extremely kind words. Family Brings Joy is still considered "small" but I am happy with the size. It's still manageable and feels like a warm community. I love your house and blog as well! Y'all are doing amazing things! Have a wonderful weekend! :D

  2. You are quick! It took me a couple weeks to decide who to pass it on to. :) And yes, it's kinda hard to tell how many readers people have. Oh well!

    Your wood floors are fabulous. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing how the projects go!

    1. Our "wood" floors are actually resilient vinyl! I call them giant wooden stickers! They are the best thing ever because you can't hear our dog nails on them like with laminate, and we couldn't afford real hardwood floors (plus our home value doesn't really call for fancy floors).

  3. Thanks for the shout out! If I had a minute of free time I would definitly be over there helping out! till our next rendevouz!

  4. How fun! Thanks for the award. :) I thought I had responded when I first saw the post, but then I realized your comment on my blog was still in my e-mail inbox, which means it wasn't checked off of my reply list! Thanks for passing it onto me! That makes this girl feel special!


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