Last weekend, we went shopping for a green stuff for our outdoor spaces.

On the list?

• One tree (to replace the one we had removed in the front yard)
• Two fast-growing vines for our new backyard planter column thingamabobs.
• A plant for the big pot by our front door
• A plant for the planter next to the grill in the backyard

First, we bought a shantung maple tree. Next, we purchased two pink jasmine vines. Then, a boxwood plant. Lastly, a waxleaf something-or-other. (Can you tell I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to plants?!)

Waxleaf thingy found a place by the front door:

Boxwood was planted by the grill...

And the two pink jasmine plants went into the planters at the base of the columns. 

Why the bricks on top? Well, we were afraid this might happen:

As you can see, the bricks didn't do the job. Our destructive adorable nuggets left the plant alone for only a few days before tearing it out and shredding it. You would think we would have learned our lesson after this incident, but no.

It's hard to stay mad at these faces for long, though. 

 You see? They look very sorry about what they did...

Anyway, we lucked out at the plant nursery (Calloway's Nursery in Flower Mound) because one of Scott's football players was working when we were shopping. He offered up his employee discount, which ended up saving us more than $50. NICE! 

I don't have a picture of the maple tree yet because of our little pipe incident. The pipe is now fixed and we plan to get that tree in the ground this weekend. Luckily it's in the front yard where the dogs can never get to it!

Here's a little positive reminder for you as you head off into your weekend:

* Happy Weekend *

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  1. Boxwood is pretty much my favorite plant ever! And I love how your front door looks with the new potted plant (and the wreath!). Sorry about the dogs' little mishap, though! Looking forward to seeing the maple!

  2. This is amazing! I love using real plants and greenery around my home both inside and out! http://www.onlineplantnursery.com/

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  4. Thats so greeny :)
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