Really Pretty Lettered Poster For You

I know I said I would have more styles of hand lettering for you to try, but this week has been c-r-a-z-y. We're preparing to leave town this weekend to take part in Scott's grandparents 50th anniversary event. They are having a big wedding-type event where they renew their vows, and we are both in the wedding. How cool would it be to make it to 50 years of marriage?!

But while we're on the subject of beautiful letters, I wanted to show you this GORGEOUS print that could work for Valentine's Day (but I would definitely keep it up year-round).

Jones Design Co

The talented artist behind this print is Lindsay of Lindsay Letters. I've been in love with her work for some time now. If I had an unlimited budget when we planned our wedding, I would have totally used her calligraphy to address our invitations. (Not to say that she charges too much for her work, just saying that our budget was teeny tiny and we couldn't have afforded her.) Her writing style is just plain fabulous and I really love this print. The gold writing makes it extra special.

You can buy it with the white or slate paper for $24.95. I can't decide which one I like better!

Jones Design Co

Oops, I just noticed that the grey one is sold out. Hurry up and buy a white one!

If there are any men who read my blog, you should click right on over to the Jones Design Co. shop and purchase this original art piece for your lovely lady this Valentine's Day. Slap it into a beautiful frame and you're good to go. It's way better than a box of chocolates. Just saying.

There is a limited supply (and the grey is already sold out), so you better get moving!

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