Pinteresting Valentine's Day Ideas

It's officially February, so bust out your pink and red hearts!

Here are a couple of great ideas I've seen on Pinterest for this lovey-dovey holiday:

Yummy and easy? Count me in!


 iPod Valentine, very clever!


This is subtle enough to stay up all year long!


Paper hearts:


 These pins have me inspired to try some of my own Valentine's ideas. I'll be sharing those with you soon!

I'm curious– do you like Valentine's Day? I'll admit that I have always been a sucker for this holiday. "Hallmark holiday" or whatever, I think it deserves to be celebrated.

Where I think we get off track with Valentine's Day is the idea that it's only for couples. When I was single, my mom used to get me little gifts for Valentine's Day. My best friend and I would exchange little Valentine's Day surprises, too. Though the holiday does center around love, who says it has to be that kind of love? We can use this day to celebrate all of the people we love, not just significant others. Then it becomes a fun and festive day for everyone!

So, where do you stand on Valentine's Day?


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