Italy Photo Story

We were eating dinner at an Italian restaurant last night, reminiscing about our Thanksgiving trip and discussing how real Italian lasagna is WAY different than our American version (and way more delicious, but I digress).

I was thinking about the trip and looking through our pictures, and I realized I didn't really share very many photos on the blog. I talked about the pretty colors we saw over there, but that was about it.

We're headed off to the big 50th anniversary event in El Paso this evening, so I'll leave you with these lovely pictures from the trip of a lifetime!

streets of Rome

I felt sorry for this lady until I found out later that this is usually a scam, often a young man dressed up as an old lady!

Spanish Steps

Gelato face.

Inside of Pantheon


We bought one of these as a souvenir.


I love polka dots.

Carrot carver!

Nuns, fascinated by break dancers

Roman Forum


Roman reflection

Vatican City

Trevi Fountain


Talented chalk artist

San Gimignano

San Gimignano

Pisa! Note how I am totally into this picture but Scott is giving a very halfhearted effort. Disappointing!




Typical Italian lunch at typical Italian cafe

Patatosa = French Fry Pizza!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

* Happy Weekend *
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