The Evolution of a Doodle

Are hearts the most common doodle?

Well then, let's start with some hearts...

Ok, a lot of hearts...

Get out your colored pencils and start coloring in between the hearts, layering the shades until you gets the colors you like. Want something with more depth of color than the regular colored pencil? Try layering with a mustard colored pencil.

Nope, doesn't have to be perfect... Keep going...

Embrace your inner child and color, color, color

What? You're tired of coloring? Well, you don't have to color the whole thing if you don't feel like it. Throw a couple color blotches up top and call it a day!

Before you know it, you've gone from a doodle to a piece of art. 

Awesomely simple, right?

Bonus points if you buy a matted frame and hang up your colorful artwork!

* Don't forget to do something sweet for someone tomorrow. *
                                                           (Valentine's Day, of course!)

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