DIY Party Decor: Rag Garland

Let's keep talking about Kelli's baby shower, shall we? I already showed you the sweet diaper cake, but let's talk about the rest of the decor. It's almost all completely handmade and super affordable!

I wanted to keep it simple for the shower because there was no way we could decorate the entire youth hall at our church (where the shower was held). We just needed a focal point of cuteness and then some little extras around the room. I decided to do some garland, a baby banner and lots of fresh flowers.

For the garland, I was inspired by these two images from Pinterest:



So, using twine and fabric scraps, I created some rag garland for the shower. I was so happy with how it came out! I'll definitely use this idea again for other parties and holidays. 

It turns out that 1/3 of a yard is the perfect amount of fabric to buy for this project. Buy 1/3 yard of several different patterns, and it will already be the perfect length. Cut and tear the fabric into strips 1.5 inches wide, and tie them in knots onto the twine. Piece. Of. Cake. 

I made it while it was hanging on my fireplace, which helped me envision how it would work. 

As for the "It's a Girl" banner, I made that with brown cardstock, a black marker and white puffy paint. My mom made sure to point out the grammatical error in the "ITS," but I made the executive design decision not to include the apostrophe. I figured it was fine without it!

So there you have it– the world's easiest garland. I'm SO making this for my Christmas mantel next year. It's going to be fantastic!

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